Weekly SLAM Bulletin

June 15-19, 2015

Team SLAM Academy Rocks!!

Thanks for your hard work and effort to make this summer school experience great for kids! I appreciate all the learning and fun activities you're planning and doing with your learners!! I know many of the parents have given compliments about how their students are loving their summer classes. Way to go!!

A "Shout Out" to the first semester team (the two week teachers)! Working with you all the last 2 weeks was great!! Thanks for setting up your classrooms. Welcome Second Semester folks!! Please let me know if you have any questions. I will assume you know what your schedule and duties are for your classroom and building.

Monday Motivation

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"Apparently" This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview

And now, what we need to know this week--

*Ice Cream truck will come again on Friday. In your bus bags will be an envelope and class list. Use the class list to record students who paid and put $ in envelope each day. This will make the time spend in the office of Friday--SPEEDY! Also, please communicate to the parents the truck will be here on Friday, June 19th for a sweet treat after lunch. Students bring in $1.

*Recess--Glad everyone is using the radios. Please remember to put them back on the chargers. If you're getting a radio from another room, other than the hall, please return it each night as well to be ready to go the next day. Please be certain to bring back the recess equipment. And remember, recess is no more than 30 minutes. With the heat, I'd recommend going outside less and splitting the time with some recess in the classroom. If it should be 97 degrees or hotter, we will not go outside. We will announce.

*Schedule change or combining classes: Thanks to all of you who are emailing or calling the secretaries (7004/7005) if you're going to another classroom for a guest speaker/learning activity, if you've switched your schedule with another class, going on a walking field trip, etc. This helps the ladies in the office locate a student for pick up or nurse needs.

*Acuity goals. Thanks to the grade levels who have shared their learning activities/strategies they're using to promote gains with their learners. Please be sure to communicate the strategies and your focus with the 1st semester summer school teachers (if that is the case in your room). Dr. Pearce and I will finalize those assessments on Wednesday. More information to come. Kindergarten will NOT be testing.

*Innovation Day--times are set. See above.

*Reminder for all, please be sure to take attendance, make your lunch count and send down your bus bag by 9 am each day. This helps the secretaries out in the front as the mornings are really hectic.

*Lunch time-thanks for the help maintaining a level one (whisper) and the organized dumping of the trash. Friday was AWESOME!!

*Dismissal - We are really doing an awesome job on the patio!!! I am so proud of everyone. Please remind students to use walking feet and safe hands as they walk to their destinations.

*Field Trips - Please review your "Nurse Concern" Google doc before going on your field trips. Some of your students will need their inhalers, EpiPens, and/or medicines necessary for a safe trip. Let nurse know if you have any questions.