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Information Literacy

In a time when the use of the phrase “fake news” is common, it’s important to know that we have amazing resources available to us as we research and as we ask our students to research. Our Teacher-Librarian is a valuable resource in not only finding and choosing the best sources, but also in asking the right questions. Here are just some of the resources she has created for our staff:

In addition to the LLC resources above, you might also want to check out Common Sense Media:


Creative Credit and Copyright

What resources can be used and when can they not be used? When can something be edited and when not? Will anyone notice if I use something without citing it or check if it’s OK to use? What’s the right thing to do? These are very real questions for us and our students. The good news is that we have resources to help! Check out the resources our Teacher-Librarian has curated and created for us:

In addition to our LLC resources above, you might want to check out these sites: