Stop Cyber Bullying

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1) What is Cyber Bullying ?

Cyber Bullying is bullying on the Internet.
The victims of Cyber Bullying are depressed.
They can be scary because they do not dare talking to their parents or their friends.

On the Internet, there are too many Cyber-Bullying. Victims of Cyber-Bullying are in great danger.

So, we need stopping CyberBulling

There is a video about Cyber Bullying :
Cyber Bullying Virus

2) Be careful !

We will give you a few advice for you to be safe on the Internet.
But, before begin, we will ask a few questions for you.

-Have you got a computer at home ?
-Do you often use the Internet at home ?
-Do you have a FaceBook account ?
-Do you download files from the Internet ?
-Do you upload files from your computer to the Internet ?

Now, I will give a few advices for be in safe on the Internet.

-Use an anti-virus software because your computer can be infected by a virus !
-Buy a VPN because a hacker can find your IP address !
-Use a good password because a hacker can find your password !
-Secure your accounts because your account can be hacked !
-Hide the webcam of the computer because you can be spied !
-Don't give your password to a stranger because he can use your password !
-Don't read mails from the strangers !
-Don't download illegal files because these files are often infected by a virus !
-Don't upload illegal files because you can have problems !
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3) Examples of CyberBullying

Here, you can find a few examples of CyberBullying :

-Mean or nasty messages or emails
-Spread rumors sent by email or posts on social networks
-post embarassing pictures, videos, website
-Create fake profiles
-Name calling

Don't do these !