Wayland Union Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Monday, September 12, 2022

The Wayland Union School Board met on Monday, September 12, 2022, at Dorr Elementary for their regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

All consent agenda items were approved.


Introduction of New Teachers
  • Dorr, Steeby, Pine Street, Middle School, and High School principals all introduced their new staff members for the '22-'23 school year. Baker Elementary had no new staff members.

Dorr Elementary Building Report

  • Dorr Principal, Robin Seniura, presented on the positive changes happening at Dorr Elementary that were a result of Capturing Kids Hearts training held in mid-August. Dorr staff has implemented greeting students at the door to begin the day, building classroom social contracts to form respectful guidelines, promoting consistent hand signals throughout the building, and encouraging students to share 'good things' to start the day. Past programs that continue to work for Dorr Elementary were also shared which have contributed to Dorr Elementary being ranked has highly effective for 8 years in a row.

Governance Team Good News

  • Cinnamon Mellema stated that she was glad to hear Capturing Kids Hearts seems to be making a difference and felt encouraged that staff members are excited about making the training a permanent practice within the school district. Tim Reeves shared his excitement in seeing students active within the schools, both academically and athletically.

Student Board Members Report

  • Senior student board representative, Summer Morrison, and Junior student board representative, Ava Makowski, highlighted the goal of the high school to continue to make positive changes in the culture within the school. Morrison and Makowski stated that they've noticed an increase in school participation already this year and hope that students continue to show school spirit. The student representatives highlighted the triumphs of the fall athletics thus far, include a 2-1 football record, the equestrian team receiving 1st place at 2 meets, and the girls swim and dive team qualifying in 3 events for the state competition. Morrison and Makowski discussed upcoming events being hosted by clubs such as a blood drive, Hallowed Halls, and a fundraiser for mental health awareness at the football game this Friday.

Public Comment


Administration Reports

Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
  • Pat Velie gave the budget versus actual report for September 12, 2022. The district has an unaudited fund balance of 18.8%.

MESSA Insurance Rates for 2023

  • Pat Velie shared new MESSA health insurance rates which increased an average of 6.5%. The district had budgeted for an increase of 6%. The additional impact on the budget will be just over $35,000, however, this number will change over the course of the year as people change their health insurance elections.

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

  • Teresa Fulk shared the consensus that Capturing Kids Hearts was an amazing way to start the year off, she said the vibe of this school year has been so different than recent years. Fulk mentioned the success of the program Kids Read Now, as 1,780 books were reported being read over the summer. In terms of testing, the 98b report will be presented again in the winter and spring, no different than the past 3 years.


  • Tim Reeves began by giving a big thank you to Dorr staff and students who showed up tonight. Reeves feels the school year started out on the right foot, stating it's been nice to be involved with seeing how the schools operate with the students present. There is one part time teaching position needing to be filled at this time. Reeves also wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow evening, September 13th, the 3rd community forum meeting is being held at 7pm at the Dorr Elementary Cafeteria.

Old Business

MASB Fall 2022 Delegate Assembly
  • Approved

80/20 Insurance Resolution

  • Approved

Contract Renewal for District Accountant

  • Approved

Closed Session - Student Discipline

  • Approved

Board Topics

Janel Hott enjoyed hearing about Capturing Kids Hearts, but has some concerns with the dress code across the district.

Norm Taylor thinks we have excellent new and returning staff members across our district.

Becky Honke welcomes Ava and Summer as well as all the new staff members. She remains excited about Capturing Kids Hearts and future events being held within the district. She wants to have the board update their picture on the website.

Theresa Dobry welcomes new staff members and hopes to have a chance to see everyone again in a less formal setting.

Peter Zondervan agrees that another discussion on the dress code policies may need to happen and would also like the discuss the issue of bus discipline as well as possibly moving Pine Street back to an elementary schedule.

Dan Cassini is excited to see how Capturing Kids hearts progresses throughout the year, especially since it seems like a really great and positive tool.

Cinnamon Mellema thanks the Dorr staff for making the building welcoming towards all students. She also passes her congratulations to student athletes, debate team members, and theater students for a strong start right out of the gate.

The meeting adjourned at 9pm

*Please note: This is a summary of the meeting. Official board minutes will be approved at the next regular board meeting on Monday, October 10, 2022 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Wayland Union Middle School.