Nazi Camps During the Holocaust

Kylie Paswaters


Nazi camps played a very large part in the Holocaust because they were necessary to have during that time because the Nazi's had to have somewhere to take the people. They needed somewhere where they could transform them into whatever was needed. They could not leave them dead on the street, they could not leave the corpse of the dead people in public for everyone to stare at. Adolf Hitler saw the Jewish people as an inferior race, an alien threat to the German community. Hitler relied on terror to achieve his goals.

Early Camps

The first type of concentration camp was set up during Hitler's takeover of power. A concentration camp was not the same as an extermination camp. Several hundred thousand died on concentration camp grounds, but in extermination camps, more than three million Jewish people were murdered. The Jewish people that were sick, old, or the ones who can not keep up with the work, were picked and then killed with gas, infections, or a medical shot. There were many different types of people in the camps such as; Jewish people, Gypsies, Poles and other slaves, people with physical or mental disabilities, homosexuals, the Dissenting Clergy, Communists, Socialists, and other political enemies. They were detained without trial.

Killing Camps

Gassing was used in killing camps because it was much quicker. Gas chambers started in 1939, they were used to kill disabled people. The gas chambers were much easier and quicker to use, they were also the preferred option. People were told to go into a room that looked like a shower. They were told to enter with their arms raised so that way there would be more room to fit more people, but it also killed them faster because the more people there were the faster the suffocated because there was less oxygen to use up. Auschwitz was located in Poland and is a symbol of the Holocaust

Prisoner of War Camps

Few new camps were built at existing concentration camp completes. Camp Lublin was created in the fall of 1941 as a prisoner of war camp and later became a concentration camp in 1943. Many prisoners were either shot or gassed at these camps. Soviet prisoners of war were punished by their own comrades.


Nazi camps were made to detain and confine people without trial. They were created to be cruel, that they were made to torture people for unreasonable things, just so the Nazi's could have more power over all.