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Author's message

The author makes it clear throughout the book that as people mature at different rates it can often cause them to grow apart. Bryon and Mark were closer than best friends, they were like brothers. It wasn't until Bryon started to think about his future, job, and family that they started to slip away from each other. Bryon was taking on more responsibilities while Mark wanted to remain the same. The choices you make ultimately determine your life. Bryon and Mark start to see the growing gap between them and Bryon attempts to show Mark how changing isn't a bad thing, "when you know your own personality, you don’t need the one the gang makes for you,”

Types of maturity

There are three parts to maturing: physically, mentally, and cognitively. Both Bryon and Mark were physically mature, but mental maturity is defined as the "ability to respond to your environment in an appropriate manner." In the beginning they both were a long way from being mentally mature. As the story progressed Bryon started to think more about long term choices while Mark was living for the moment. "Cognitive maturity is the process of acquiring intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving ability." The cognitive part of your brain is also the decision making part. Bryon showed cognitive maturity by analyzing why he couldn't get a job then working to solve the issue, but he also showed he isn't fully matured by making a rash decision based on what his emotions were without thinking through it. Mark made the choice to sell drugs to help the money situation but showed immaturity by not realizing that what he was doing was wrong.

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Factors that effect maturity growth

Everyone's brains develop at a different rate. The environment they grow up in can also effect when and how they mature. Mark went though a lot of traumatizing things growing up. Although he said it didn't bother him, and maybe it didn't, it still effects how his brain develops and how he will be able to handle things. "Children exposed to violence are more likely to exhibit subsequent problem behaviors including depression, substance abuse, aggression, and delinquency."

Maturity difference in genders.

In the book it becomes clear early on that Cathy is the most matured out of the three of them."Researchers looking into the differences in maturity between genders revealed that both men and women believe that males remain "immature" well into their late 30's and early 40's, according to the Daily Mail.On the other hand, the study found that women mature completely at the age of 32." Perhaps this was a factor in Bryon growing apart from Mark and closer to Cathy because you tend to hang around people with the same maturity as you. I completely agree with the author. Everyone grows up at different times and in different ways. whether we want it or not, it can make even brothers grow apart. In the end it's left up to your maturity and the choices you make that will set your course, good or bad.

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