Fruitvale's Problem

Contamination no more!

Option D: Leading-Edge Water Treatment

Why is Option D better than all of the rest?

  • Expenses are only around $200-400 million dollars
  • Takes 3 to 4 years
  • This will keep the contaminant from spreading
  • Overtime it will remove all the contaminated water

What are the disadvantages of Option D

  • Might have to drill additional wells if needed
  • Pumping will not immediately remove contaminants from groundwater or sediments
  • Does not address the issue of the possible effects of contaminated groundwater entering rivers and lakes
  • Takes 3 to 4 years

The other options...

The other options beside this one don't make as much sense. Sure the other ones are just as efficient but why use those when this one makes so much more sense to use than the others. This option makes the most sense because it is the most nature friendly and can be less disastrous then the others to the land. In the end, this option is what you should choose if you were ever to find yourself in the situation that this town is in.
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