by: David!!!!!!!

what the story is about and why it won

This heart warming family book won the Caldecott in 1963. I think it won the Caldecott because the awesome illustrations and because it tells you how one little boy can have a great time when it is snowing outside. This story is about a boy playing in the snow and having fun. One winter morning he wanted to go outside to see the snow covered buildings, and wanted to have a snow ball fight with the big kids, but he was not good enough . He went to bed and he tried to dream the snow away, but it did not work. So he played with his friend the next morning. The author Ezra Jack Keats is an awesome drawer and a great writer.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

the illustrator and author

The person that wrote this book is Ezra Jack Keats. He is the author and illustrator unlike many other books. He was born on March11, 1916. He lived in East New York and became an artist. He then became an author and illustrator. He and his family were very poor. Throughout his career he published 85 books before he died from a heart attack in 1983.