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Get your chance to travel the world and help others in need.

Peace corps

I became interested in the peace corps when it was introduced to me by April Conway. The ideas people have been looking at my interests-Travel, Helping people, and environment and nature. Being in the peace corps would give you the chance to do all of these things. These interests have brought people to realize exactly what I want to do sometime in the future.

Lillian Carter

Lillian Carter Is Jimmy Caters mother. She was 68 when she joined the peace corps and she took all of the training to be a nurse. She was then sent abroad to work in India to work in the Gordej Colony. She took care of people with leprosy and worked there for 21 months. Lillian has had places named after her and built in her honor.

Helping people, Traveling, and getting to enjoy nature are all things you will find daily in the Peace Corps.

I asked myself...

I often found myself saying I want to make a difference in the world which led me to the question, what can I do to make a difference in the world?I also thought that I would never find a way to combine all of my interests. How could I combine all of my interets? The peace corps answered all of my quesions.


You can do more research and apply online for free to become part of the peace corps and there are six different sections for the US alone to sign up for and always more people to help.