People With Wings

July 4th 1908

How Did They Do It!

Orville and Wilbur Wright have done the impossible! The Wright brothers have recently demonstrated their dominance in the aviation field. Witnessed by a french crowed, the Wright brothers have just proved their glider can fly with more grace and agility than any other flyer created to this day.

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First Flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina by: Euclid vanderKroew. images with a creative commons license

Ready to Spill the Beans

Wright brothers have yet to release secrets to the success of the glider in fear that the idea will try to be imitated by competitors. The Brother duo is trying to get a patent on the glider in order to preserve the rights to their invention.

Recognition from Government!!!

U.S.A Leaping Ahead

Wright brothers recognized by government, do to their domination in the advancements of aircrafts. Many polititians are using the Wright brothers acheivments as examples of American inginuity. by: PBworks images with a creative commons license

Whats Next!!!

Wright brothers plan to use their new invention as a new way for transportation, they also see potential for the new invention in the shipping industry. Many think this new invention will someday play a role in warfare.