Reasons I'm Ready for Middle School

Written By: Alysa Pendergraft


I am organized because I have never had any trouble finding anything I needed, or was looking for. Also I have passed every organization inspection that I have had all year long! If you ask me I think that organization wise, I am ready for middle school organization.

Cursive Writing

I have learned how to write every letter in the alphabet in cursive, including my whole name! Most people don't know how to write in cursive, but I do. Since I know how to write in cursive, I will have very neat and easy to read handwriting!
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Have you ever met someone who always uses their fingers for math? If you have, I am not one of those people! I can do basic math facts all the way from 1 to 12! If you want proof, comment below and give me a basic math fact!

Social Studies

I can figure out all of the seven continents and five oceans! The seven continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. The five oceans are the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern.

Communication Arts

I always start a sentence with a capitol letter and always end with the proper punctuation. I know how to write a full paragraph with all of the paragraphs proper needs like a Capitol letter when needed and correct punctuation.
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