We Crossed the Line

Nos pasamos de la raya. Volumen 2.

Deadline Extended

Thursday, April 30th 2015 at 11:30pm

This is an online event.

Send your texts before the deadline to: nospasamosdelaraya@gmail.com

Call for Creative Texts

En español: https://www.smore.com/gydxb-nos-pasamos-de-la-raya

The border has been characterized as a place located on the vanguard, set on the edge, on the margins of two or more cultures that often results in a new and unique dynamic. This place represents not only geographical and geopolitical boundaries, but includes metaphorical, gender, class and identity encounters and clashes. The first volume of Nos pasamos de la raya/We Crossed The Line, composed by seventeen texts of diverse genres from fifteen different authors was published on May 2015 and has been widely accepted by critics and the public on both sides of the border.

To keep this transcultural pulse alive and based on the above mentioned themes we call on chronicle, short story, poetry, hybrid and trans-genre authors of transgressive transformative texts. The writings will be subject to an editorial review and must adhere to the norms stated below in order to be considered. The purpose is to produce a contemporary bilingual/bicultural anthology that reflects the fluid and permeable processes of a transborder identity, that is not limited to the US/Mexico border, but employs a broader more inclusive dynamic intended not just to cross borders, but to transgress.

Click here to order a copy of the first Volume of the collection: http://www.amazon.com/pasamos-raya-crossed-Spanish-Edition/dp/1511732741

Visit the Facebook page to see pictures of the presentations of Volume 1 of Nos pasamos de la raya/We Crossed the Line. https://www.facebook.com/Nos-pasamos-de-la-raya-975116979175022/?ref=hl


1) Only unpublished texts submitted both in English and Spanish versions will be accepted (Translations that are not done by the author need to be directed, evaluated and approved by the author).

2) Maximum of 5,000 words for prose and three poems for poetry

3) Double space (prose only), 12 pt. Times New Roman

4) Text in its original version plus its translation should be sent via e-mail to nospasamosdelaraya@gmail.com and should be accompanied by a 200 word biographical note.

5) Closing date for the current call, and thus to receive texts will be April 15th., 2016.

6) Authors invited to be part of the Second Volume of Nos pasamos de la raya/We Crossed The Line, will be notified via e-mail by May 15th.

Please send any questions to the editors of the anthology: Lori Celaya and RE Toledo via e-mail to nospasamosdelaraya@gmail.com. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks to HoLa: Hora Latina for their sponsorship.

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