The British Road to Victory!


The British Road to Victory

The British Road to Victory

So,parliament the law maker of the British gov,sent an army to the colonies and we fight the French and the Indian allies.General Edward Braddock ordered the British.

In April 1755 Braddock and more than 1,800 British and colonial troops marched to attack the French at Fort Duquesne.Braddock invited George Washington along as an adviser.Washington later described how the soldiers looked in their bright,colorful uniforms-British red and colonial blue-

marching off against a deep green forest.The British soldiers have been trained to fight in open fields.They were surprised to find that the French fought like their Indian allies,from behind trees and large rocks.As a result,the early battles did not go well for the British,and Braddock was killed in the fighting.To win the war William Pitt sent more troops and supplies to the colonies.Beginning in 1758,the war turned in Britain's favor.British soldiers captured several French forts,including Fort Duquesne.British troops and ships slowly circled around New France,defeting the French at Quebec and then at Montreal.The closing months of the war,which had spread to Europe,Spain joined France in the fight against the British.Britain had a stonger navy ,however,and it defeated the Spanish forces in 1762.To make up for Spain's losses in the war,France gave Spain most of its lands west of the Mississippi River.The French lost nearly all their lands in North America.

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