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Week of May 9th

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 9th- Early Release Day

Friday, May 13th- ELA Homework Due, Second Payment for Animal Kingdom Due

Thursday, May 19th- International Bazaar

Thursday, May 26th- Field Trip to Animal Kingdom


Instructional Focus...

We will be completing our close read of a text this week. Students will be completing a performance task in which they will use evidence from the text to write an essay that identifies the theme and discusses the risk taken by Pee Wee Reese, his beliefs, and what he may have expected to gain. We will be concluding the week with starting our Social Studies LDC/STEM Unit of Study

This week students will:

  • Identify key details for citing text evidence
  • Infer the main idea of a text
  • Identify and understand a biography
  • Compose an informational essay
  • Determine the main idea of a primary source


  • 1 Reading Response using Seesaw (make sure to post in the reading response folder)
  • Read 30 minutes each night
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Instructional Focus...

We will be reviewing multiplication and division through project based learning this week. Students will be preparing a field trip for kindergarten students to the Strawberry Festival. They are challenged to complete 5 tasks for the trip and will be uploading the product from each task to their digital portfolio using Seesaw!

Once students have completed their Strawberry Festival Project, they will be working in small groups as wildlife biologists who are interested in saving the black-footed ferret from becoming extinct. They will be establishing a new ferret-breeding program at the Lowry Park Zoo and will need to create a presentation for the zoo that includes their records about the ferrets that they can share with other breeders.

Students will:

  • Solve multi-step word problems using the 4 operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted.
  • Represent problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity.
  • Multiply a whole number of up to 4 digits by a one-digit whole number.
  • Multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations.
  • Find whole number quotients

Think Central Resources:

Animated Math Model Skills 9-20


Instructional Focus...

Students will continue to explain how although characteristics of animals are inherited, some characteristics can be affected by the environment. They will also be comparing and contrasting the major stages in the life cycles of Florida animals, such as those that undergo incomplete and complete metamorphosis and recognizing that animal behaviors may be shaped by heredity and learning.

Essential Question:

  • How would you explain how animals have certain characteristics?
  • How the the major stages of Florida animals compare?
  • How do heredity and learning shape animal behavior?

National Geographic:

Login to http://www.myngconnect.com

Username: Student Number

Password: hMM/YYYY (letter h followed by birthday month and year ie: h112006)

There are vocabulary and enrichment assignments that can be completed for additional practice on myngconnect!

MyOn Connections:

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Following the Life Cycle -Suzanne Slade

From Tadpole to Frog: Following the Life Cycle -Suzanne Slade

From Mealworm to Beetle: Following the Life Cycle -Suzanne Slade


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