September 2018

Principal's Message

Parents & Students:

We are wrapping up the first month of the school year and its like the school year never ended! All of our students are fully acclimated to their new schedules and daily routines at BCIT Medford. Freshman students are into their second exploratory and our upperclassmen are working hard in their CTE and academic course work.

We completed our first Freshman Orientation activity on September 21st, as the freshman class participated in an Activity Fair to see the different student groups that BCIT has to offer. The second orientation activity will take place on October 1st, as the freshmen will participate in a Team Building day that will help them build new friendships with their classmates.

Parents and students are reminded to frequent the BCIT Medford web page for information related to programs and events on campus. Links to the Medford calendar can be found on the bottom right-hand side of the Medford main page. You will find the calendar to be an essential tool to stay connected with the different events and upcoming programs at Medford. http://www.bcit.cc/Page/2069

The Medford campus is soon open the kitchen and Culinary Arts CTE laboratory as the construction moves to completion. The BCIT family appreciates everyone's patience as we work through the construction and look forward to the new facility that our Culinary students will enjoy as they complete their studies at Medford

Exploratory three will begin October 10th and Exploratory four will begin on October 25th. Parents please remind your children to do their best during the exploratory courses as this will determine their placement for their tenure at BCIT.

Once again the BCIT Medford family would like to wish everyone a great year and to always feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mike Parker

Principal BCIT Medford

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Freshmen Activity Fair

On September 21st all our freshmen students had the opportunity to visit the different student groups that we offer at BCIT Medford.

Click on the link below to review the Student Activities Web Page.


BCIT Medford Campus - Rules and Procedures for Spectators at Outside Athletic Events

1. Spectator are not permitted to smoke on school property. Smoking includes but is not

limited to the following: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or devices containing tobacco. Electronic smoking devices are also prohibited.

2. Pets/Animals are not permitted on school grounds during athletic activities.

3. All spectators must remain only in authorized areas during games to ensure safety.

No spectator is allowed to enter restricted areas where signs are posted, field paint is used as a barrier on the ground, gated off areas, or other areas designated by the Site Supervisor and/or Athletic Director.

4. All spectators must supervise their young children to ensure safety. Children should not

climb on the outside or under the bleachers.

5. Spectators are not allowed to sit on the team bench during games.

6. Spectators must be respectful and appropriate towards the players, coaches and officials

at all times.

7. Practices are closed to parents/guardians. Parents/guardians should wait in the parking

lot during practices if they are picking up their child or children.

8. Failure to follow these rules may result in having to leave the school grounds.

Thank you for your anticipated support and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at the games this season.


Heidi Bouchard


PSAT at Medford...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, all Juniors will be taking the PSAT during school free of cost.

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Inside the Game: Sam Walters goes the extra mile for Volleyball

Sam Walters is a junior at BCIT Medford and takes extra buse rides to play volleyball at Lenape High School. Vidoe below by Burlington County Times Mark Zimmaro

School Lunch Information

Below is the link to the FY 2018 Free and Reduced Price Meal Application packet. This information is also located on our website under Parent/Students.

Click the button below to go to the School Lunch Web Page

Free & Reduce Lunch Information Link

This will link you to the School Lunch Web Page


Transportation Information

Your sending district will have provided your family transportation information mid-August. BCIT does not coordinate transportation for our students. Any issues that you may have with times and locations for pick-up and drop-off need to be discussed with your district transportation departments.

Click here to view the contact information for all the sending districts.


Visit BCIT on Facebook...



Any address change must be submitted to the Guidance department in writing. This is the only way to ensure proper busing information is submitted to transportation. Updating the Emergency Card your child will receive in homeroom will not change your address in Genesis. The Student Address/Telephone/Information Change form is available via the BCIT Medford Campus homepage under Site Shortcuts.

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PRIDE Program promotes positive academic efforts and behaviors - consider donation to BCIT Education Foundation

PRIDE is a nationally recognized program that supports positive student academic achievement and good behavior. The acronym embodies Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. For many years, our BCIT Foundation has been very generous in the support of our PRIDE Program atBCIT. BCIT students recognize the PRIDE Program as a way to be acknowledged for putting forth his/her best efforts. Students may earn PRIDE incentives through various avenues such as academic accomplishments, club or sport participation, attendance and good behaviors.

Through monies raised by the BCIT Foundation, the PRIDE Program has provided items that supplement our local BCIT high school budgets. More recently, over the past two school years, the Foundation has provided the following:

  1. Staff member of the month trophies (prohibited by our purchasing manual)
  2. Earned student weekly incentives for PRIDE activities, such as Wawa and Dunkin Donut Gift cards; BCIT water bottles; BCIT PRIDE ear buds
  3. Funding for PRIDE events

This past year, almost 500 students on our Medford Campus and 600 students on the Westampton Campus, per marking period, were recognized as PRIDE recipients. Valuing the need to promote the continual support of the PRIDE Program, the BCIT Foundation's hope is that with the popularity of the PRIDE Program and its proven results, parents, local businesses, and members of the community may consider making a donation to the Foundation.

When giving to the BCIT Foundation in support of the PRIDE Program, donations will directly support PRIDE Program incentives.

To learn more about the program, and how to donate, please contact Foundation Director at (609) 267-4226, ext. 8335.

BCIT Foundation Designer Bag Bingo

Click here for details...

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Order dress code approved apparel!


Juniors...Online Financial Literacy Program

Steps for Setting your account:

  1. Go to www.bcit.cc and Click on Choose a School (choose Medford Campus).

  2. Under Important Links click on Financial Literacy and click on Student Login.

  3. Enter your username and password (Student ID for both). Your home page has a list of the modules for your course of study.

The first time you login you will be given a benchmark quiz which will measure

your existing financial literacy level. The results will NOT be considered a part of

your grade. You must complete this preliminary quiz before starting on Module 1.

Complete the modules in the order presented by clicking launch next to the

module. Each module will take you about 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

Closed lock indicates that the module cannot be accessed or completed.

Open lock indicates that the module can be accessed.

Retake indicates that your instructor has approved a retake of the module

After a new concept has been introduced, you will be quizzed using a question to

test your understanding of the material. The correct answer will be displayed

along with an explanation of why the answer is correct. Once you have answered

a question and the correct answer has been displayed you will not be able to

return to that question again unless retake for module indicated.

You can read the content on the screen or listen to them over the speakers of your computer or both. The audio can be muted by clicking the button in the audio box. Font size can be adjusted by clicking on the magnifying glass under module list. A post-test is to be taken after all modules are completed. An electronic system will keep track of your score on each module and will provide you with the percent that you got correct. The points on each question accumulate to your total score for each module, so please take your time and read each question carefully before you answer.

You need to Login and Logout every time you use MoneySKILL.

Remember, you must always logout when exiting the course.

Financial Literacy Program

Click here for the Money SKILLS link for Financial Literacy

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General Guidance Information:

All Grades:
It is advisable that any student who is currently struggling in a class to reach out to their teacher for additional help. School Counselors are also available, by appointment, to discuss grades and interventions.

Community Service:

Stay involved in school community based extracurricular activities that interest you or enable you to explore career interests.

College-Bound Juniors:

Fall and winter are very important times for you to be visiting college campuses so you know where to apply next September! Campuses give a completely different impression in the summer when they are deserted than during the academic year.

SAT Practice:

SAT Skills and Practice can be found on the www.collegeboard.org website.



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2018-2019 SAT Test Dates

SAT Skills and Practice can be found on the www.collegeboard.org website.

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ACT Dates

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Looking for national scholarships? Complete the registration at www.fastweb.com to receive email notifications of scholarship programs.

Visit www.meritaid.com to find merit-based scholarship opportunities from colleges before you apply. This website can help students with merit-based scholarships from colleges that reflect your accomplishments and interests.

Another good resource for researching scholarships is www.finaid.org .

Paper FAFSAs will no longer be delivered in bulk to high schools. Students are able to obtain a paper FAFSA by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). Students are encouraged to file the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov for faster processing. A PDF version of the FAFSA is also available for download at www. studentaid.ed.gov.

The US Department of Education sponsors www.studentaid.ed.gov, which provides helpful information on preparing for college, types of financial aid, determining who is eligible for financial aid, how to apply for aid with the FAFSA, and information on repaying your loans.



The purpose of the Career Major Exploratory Program is to expose all incoming students to a select number of career options prior to their selection of a career major course. The student, parent, guidance counselors, Child Study Team, and career major instructor will participate in the career major selection process.


Each entering student will have four exploratory cycles in career majors during the first semester of his or her initial year at BCIT. Students will select three career majors and will be assigned to one non-traditional career major. New student exploratory programs will be scheduled in the fourth block of each day.

At the conclusion of the fourth exploratory cycle, the student will have the opportunity to select first and second career major choices, with the advice of his/her parent/guardian and career major instructor.

All students will then be ranked in each CTE area based on their academic performance. Guidance counselors will assess and match students to their career major choices dependent upon each student’s ranking, space availability in the career major program, and student/parent selections for first and second choices. It is important that students perform their best in each exploratory in an effort to get their 1st or 2nd choice of Career Major.


Medford Online Payment System...Get signed up!!!

Medford Tech is happy to announce that our online payments are currently active for General Obligation (ID’s, books, etc.) and various student activity payments (Homecoming, Activity Dues, Senior Trip, Prom, etc.). To make an online payment, please click HERE and create a MySchoolBucks account; then find your product and make a payment.


All parents/guardians of freshmen students should create a MySchoolBucks account. Please reference the online user guide below for assistance.

Parent User Guide

Creating A Parent Account (Click link - scroll halfway down page and look for MSB link on right)


Student Activities

Please take the time to visit our student-activity information during the summer. We encourage every student to get involved in at least one club/activity. Please visit both of the links below for more information.

Click here for the link to all the Medford Clubs

Click here for the STUDENT LIFE Directory.

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All student-athletes must register online each season (fall, winter and spring) for athletics.

In addition, each student-athlete must have a valid physical and other required forms on file with the nurse’s office prior to participation in athletics. The school’s physician must approve all physicals completed by any private physician prior to final clearance.

Our school physician performs physicals at each campus. We recommend that student-athletes get a physical at school as this helps to streamline the approval process (less paperwork). If you plan on getting a physical at Medford Tech, you must call the athletic office and make an appointment prior to getting the physical.

The physical dates at school are as follows:

October 2, 2018

October 16, 2018

November 6, 2018

November 20, 2018

December 4, 2018

For more information and updates about Medford’s athletics (coaches, schedules, required paperwork, etc.) please reference Ms. Bouchard’s website. This can be viewed by clicking HERE.

We encourage all students to get involved in athletics. Especially as an incoming student, becoming part of a team is a great way to instantly make twenty or thirty new friends.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the specific coach or the athletic director.


Emergency Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures:

In the event of a campus emergency or inclement weather, staff members will be contacted via email, phone message, and text message. In addition, we will post a Special Alert Message on our website.

Staff Members, Help us Contact You.

Have you moved? Have you changed your phone number or email address? Please make sure to update your information with BCIT Personnel.

Students will be contacted using information stored in Genesis, our electronic student database. Parents should be reminded to ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Any changes should be reported to the main office of the student's school.

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