All-Time Great or Someone Who Took it to Far

A Coach's Legacy

In the town of Messina football is everything. Where football is everything pulling together over 400 wins and 13 state championships. " No piece of ground in Messina was more revered than The Field Not even the cemetery" (pg3). This quote shows how important football is in the town of Messina. The mastermind behind this density is the late great Eddie Rake who was the coach at Messina for 34 years. " " Eddie Rake was a legend at the age of 39." (pg9)

Now Coach Rake has died from cancer and now his players over 30 years are coming back to Messina to reflect and pay tribute to the Coach. Opinons on Coach Rake are spilt in Messina some people love Coach Rake. Other beleave he was a coach who pushed his players to hard. Coach Rake was fired after being excused for pushing a player to hard at practice so the main question is how will players remember Coach Rake. A great head coach who did anything to win or a coach who pushed his players too hard you be the judge.

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Over the course of the book the players are reflecting on the late great Eddie Rake. They show you this because most of the reflecting happens when they are standing in the school bleachers. At the end of the book. Keely learns an important lesson in life. Throughout the book Keely always felt sorry for himself. Sorry when his wife left him. Sorry when his career was ended by an knee injury. He is able to reflect on Coach Rake and learned to forgive him. Everyone learns how to Forgive at the end and go their septet ways. If you loved Coach Rake or hated him he had an impact on your life. Keely speaks at Coach Rake's as the third eurogist for Eddie Rake showing Keely is willing to forgive
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