island of the squid

bob description

My island is called Bob, it is in the coast of Alaska.
It was discovered in 1912 by a Norwegian explorer.It got its name from the president Bob. A few years later a map was found in a bottle, it showed all of the creatures and buildings.On the island there's a small fish called the blob fish. On the island the most dangerous animal is the coconut crab, which attacks the bob people. The friendliest animal is the tarantula which helps people.

The people are called Bob and the only thing they do is eat vegetables and exercise all day.

The climate on the island of Bob gets very windy and can sometimes houses can get blown away. There are 2 cities on Bob and each has a very unique landmark which the people of Bob uses to represent their capital. In each city there is a very special cave made of salt. Inside the caves there are salt people who lives in the caves and then comes out at night,any predator that tries to eat it will hallucinate.

The dangers on Bob are bob sharks bob crabs and bob salt people. The bob sharks are made out of jello crabs are made out of coconuts. The water is made out of MONSTER, coolest creatures are the Bob MONSTER which lives in a giant tank.


bob autobiography

Hi my name is bob i'm 28 years old. I live on a island that is in the shape of a squid.I live with my mom,dad and squid all of the names are bob.I'm 6ft tall and I work as a agent at bob co.

bob flag

All of the colors of the bob flag means happiness and coolniess