The Giver

Book Compared to Movie


In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry a boy named jonas wanted to help his community but, he had conflict with the how his community would react to his actions so he took it apon himself to help the people of the community by disobeying all of the rules of the communtiy. This was the major plot point in both the book and movie, but they still have differences that make the movie more appealing to the audience by adding suspense and action changing some of the plot points to fit that in.

Body Paraghraph 1

In the book the main character Jonas was only 12 years old and in the movie he was older which made him easier to connect to for a more mature audience. Which wides the consumer of the product because as an older veiwer you wouldnt be as connected to a 12 year old because they dont know how to describe and express their feelings as well. Jonas being older in the movie also made him seem like his emotions are more important because love isnt a thing that is accosiated with a 12 year olds life as much as an older person like jonas which made his emotions more rational.


I chose the eyes to be my symbol in the book the Jonas and Gabriel both have light eyes which every one else has dark eyes which i think that the light colors mean purity and goodness and that dark colors mean corrupt and evil, so when the givers and receivers have light eyes and that no one else does i see that they are the good and that every one else is corrupt but they dont all try to stop jonas so mabey it just means that they are blank compared to the ones with light eyes.


Emotions are meant to be expressed, the giver shows me this by showing that the poeple in the community live blank meaningless lifes but when jonas starts expressing his emotions no one cares because no one can so not letting out emotions make you an empty person to every one.

Dramatic Irony

Jonas has gone through his life till he became a reciever not knowing what an emotion truly not able to experience them but we know emotions. Also Jonas went through his life also not knowing what alot of things are like for example war, snow, rainbows, and even a real bithday party, but we do know the experience of some of these things some we dont but we understand the concept of them.