Team Awesome Weekly Update

For the week of September 9-13

Science - Mrs. Selzer

We are now starting the unit on plate tectonics. We will be doing activities this week that model sea-floor spreading and the different types of tectonic plate boundaries (convergent, divergent, transform).

All students will have an opportunity to improve their test score on the Inside the Earth unit test. The retest will be this Thursday September 12th. Study the Inside the Earth study guide each night for 10 to 15 minutes.

Math - Mrs. Davis

Regular Math: Monday and Tuesday we will be in the computer labs taking the Performance Series test (online achievement test used in the spring and fall). Wednesday and Thursday we will work on refining our unit 1 skills to prepare for our performance task on Friday 9/13 and our unit test the following week.

Students will continue this week with Math Maintenance. They need to work on this throughout the week. All problems should be completed by Friday.

A.C. Math - We will finish Unit 1 next week. Performance Series testing (online achievement test used in the Spring and Fall) will be given Monday and Tuesday during math. Wednesday and Thursday we will refine our work with fractions and decimals and prepare for our summative unit test on Friday 9/13. This is a change from the original date of 9/10 due to performance series testing on the 9th and 10th.

POW - Advanced students will not have a "new" POW this week. I am asking that they take one of our previous POWs and analyze and synthesis their understanding. We have solved these problems in class. Students should use their rubric as they complete this work.


I will be available for tutoring, as needed, during the following afternoons:

Monday: Advance Math 3:30-4:30

Wednesday: Regular Math 3:30-4:30

Please let me know BEFORE the tutoring day, if your child needs to stay.

Language Arts - Mrs. Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll visit the library (Monday), go over our narrative rubric, revise and edit our narratives, and continue working with our shared reading. We'll also continue our poetry study. We had a vocabulary quiz on Friday, September 6th. Some students performed poorly. They will have the opportunity to re-test on Friday of this week, but they will have to earn the right to do so by completing their vocabulary study guides. Should a student fail to complete those, his or her original grade will stand. I hope to have the original grades posted on Monday, so be sure to check Infinite Campus for your child's performance.

Social Studies - Mr. Cantrell

We will take our test over Latin American Geography on Wednesday. Remind your child to use their study guide to help prepare for this. Thursday and Friday we will be working on our Create a Country Long Term Project.

Mrs. Bowdoin & Mrs. Jarrard's ELA Class

We will be wrapping up our unit on writing narratives. Final drafts should be completed by Friday, September 13th. Students have completed workshop 3 learning about the standards that cover literary elements and will be assessed next week. Ask your child about conflict and plot. Students have selected independent reading books. Please ask your child about what he/she is reading. Many students have read and successfully passed a Reading Counts book quiz already. Woot! Woot!