November Newsletter ;)'s not that long before 2015 bid it's goodbye to us.

Big event happened during November-December

We care for you, thus, we wanna make sure you know what happened in our beloved LC in case you missed it~~ ^^
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Farm Potluck

A potluck makan-makan event organized to express our gratitude to an elderly couple who has kindly helped us out especially towards our incoming Summer EPs 2015, during their exchange here in Kuching, Sarawak
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Exchange Participant Recruitment Drive (EPRD) at Swinburne University (SU) , Kuching, Sarawak

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Happy Graduation Day to our fellow seniors!

Congratulation guys!~~~
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AIESEC Gathering (AG)

With the theme 'Everything Counts'. Thanks for coming!~
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Happy birthday!

Birthday celebration to fellow September, October and November babies after AG.
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Guardian Angel week.

An event when everyone in the LC take care of each other dearly. Each member has their own angel to take care of. And at the same time, they have a secret guardian who took care of them. So sweeeet!~
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Regristration for MyLDS 2016

34 AIESEC UNIMAS members have registered to go for MyLDS in UTP, Perak this coming January, 2016. Let's rock MyLDS 2016 guys!! See you there~
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Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An important event held every term to elect our furture LCVP and LCP. This time is for the term 16/17.
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Welcoming our new Local Comittee President (LCP).

Congratulation to Mr. Eric Hoo Seng Cheh for becoming the LCP for term 16/17. Soooo proud of you!
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Exchange Participant Conference (EPC)

A 2 days, 1 night conference held at Siar Beach Resort, Lundu, Sarawak to prepare our Winter EPs for the upcoming exchange. So proud of you all! All the best in your exchange guys!

How about what is each of the department is doing for the LC? Wanna know what are they up to? Come and have a look!

Incredible ICX

Outstanding OGX

13 EPs will be sent out abroad for their upcoming incredible adventure for the Winter Peak exchange. Congratulation OGXers!
9 out of 13 attended the EPC at Siar Beach, Lundu, Sarawak and they had lots of fun!

Thoughtful TM

Fabulous FL

  • Collect fees for EPC.
  • Meet up with Dr. Evan Lau, Mr. Chuah Kee Man and Dr. Rayenda for the legalization of Dr. Rayenda to be AIESEC in UNIMAS's advisor.

Marvelous MarComm

Our fellow marvelous MarComm kaki never stop working hard in order to raise our LC, AIESEC in UNIMAS's visibility in our campus. Here are some of their hardwork~


They had their departmental meeting which includes next-term planning for the LC. All the best and great job guys!
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What do we want to achieve in the near or far future?

  • Raise more partnership especially with the insurance company.


  • Retain ICXers.
  • Gain more partnership in future.
  • Preparation for Summer projects such as Scuba Diving project and ASEAN Camp 2.0.