Course Selections for 2017

Current 6th & 7th grade

What do I do about my child's course recommendations for 2017?

1. Teacher recommendations will be made in March.

2. A phone message and an e-mail will be sent to parents regarding how to view the recommendation by Apil 3, 2017.

3. Parents must contact teachers individually for more details regarding the recommendation.

4. Parents who wish to engage in a conversation about the recommendation after speaking with the teacher should contact the grade level administrator (6th - Winstead & 7th- Bailey).

5. A 7th grade parent night is scheduled for April 4. * see below.

6. Parents of sixth grade students will receive information via a phone message and e-mail due to minimal changes for these students.

Students in 6th grade should complete the World Language Form and return to the school.

See the google form below. The form will also be sent home w/ students.