chinese invention: plow

By:Taniel Katanjian

Moldboard Plow setup for garden tractor.mpg


This a short video of our little Chinese device... :)

These are some pictures I found from Google images: (I searched) moldboard plows


How the moldboard plow was origanally used

The Moldboard Plow: China, Third Century BCE. Called kuan, these ploughshares were made of malleable cast iron. They had an advanced design, with a central ridge ending in a sharp point to cut the soil and wings which sloped gently up towards the center to throw the soil off the plow and reduce friction. When brought to Holland in the 17th Century, these plows began the Agricultural Revolution.

How the moldboard plow helped the Chinese people

The moldboard plow helped the Chinese people because before the plow was made the Chinese people had to manually turn the dirt by themselves but after they made the moldboard plow all they had to do is hook it up to an animal( a bull of horse) and that would basically pull the plow so they can walk right after it and plant the seed instead of pulling the dirt over manually, now they can count on the moldboard plow to do that job!