Greek Importance

The Importance of In-Depth Greek Culture and Society

By Robert Sullens

The in-depth aspects of Greek culture and society have had immense impacts on several civilizations and impacted one of the most notable events in history.

Culture is a funny thing, you never have any idea on who or what it will impact. This statement is very applicable to Greek Culture. The in-depth nature of this culture has been taught for years in World History classes, until recently (at least in OHS). The skimming over of this topic just to get farther in the present day is the worst idea for a World History class.

The different Aspects of Greek culture effected their society in so many different ways.

The culture and arts of the Greece was so influential on Rome and there was so little said about it. Learning about Homer and other great artists like him is so interesting and really involved. The Religion that the Greeks had and that the Romans basically adopted from them is so amazing and interesting, the stories of the Gods, Goddesses, and Mythical Creatures is the really fun part of learning about them. The Greek religion is so in-depth and has so many stories that if they were all written down might rival the size of the Christian Bible. They served as the purpose as to why the Greek society worked and was a very important part of everyday life in Greece.

The Immense Influence that Greek Culture and Society had on Rome

The Greek religion influence the Roman religion so much so that if you think about it, the only difference between the Greek and Roman religions are the names of the Gods and Goddesses. The architectural building in Rome was based on Greek architecture. Even most of the art in Rome was based off of Greek art. If you really look into it, Rome ended up as nearly a carbon copy of Greece. Only differences being the advances that Romans ended up creating, such as communication to different areas and such. Rome was basically Greece 2.0.

Without understanding Greek culture and Society, the impact at how important the Renaissance is would be lost on the class.

I believe that the Renaissance is one of the most important events in history, but just how important this event is requires the deep understanding of Ancient Greece. The Renaissance is a revival of the cultures, arts, and philosophies of ancient Greece, but without the knowledge of what these are, the Renaissance just sounds like a bunch of artists decided to start painting in a different way. I was wholly underwhelmed by the new course material with the Renaissance, but not because it didn’t tell the facts or anything, it was because we didn’t have the pre-understanding of how important these ideas were originally in Ancient Greece.


Ancient Greece is the focal point of many civilizations, cultures, and societies that came after it. The United States way of Government was based (though it was modified) off of Ancient Greek government. Artists the world around look to the great artists of the Renaissance for inspiration, yet the artists of the Renaissance were inspired by Ancient Greek culture. In all honesty, to skim over this influential culture is a dishonor. I believe that the course I had in Sophomore year was the right way the course should be taught. I implore the Board of the Mehlville School District to put it back into effect.