Miss Jones's Newsletter

September 2016

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Online Newsletters

The majority of my newsletters this year will be through this online Smore Newsletter Account! Even though this one is coming mid-month, the rest of them will be sent out at the beginning of each month so you are aware of what we have going on in our class for the upcoming month! Please make sure to check it out for upcoming important dates and activities! Also, please make sure to check in on our class blog and twitter page often to see what's going on in room 150!

What we are working on...


*We've been practicing Counting 1-20

*Practicing Writing Numbers

*Learning our 2D Shapes - Squares, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles, and Hexagons


*Using Print Concepts when reading stories (Author, Title, Illustrator, where to start reading, direction to read, what a period is, and retelling the story.)

*Learning Letters and their Sounds

*Practicing Writing Letters


*We have been working on the letters b, f, t, and n so far!


*In writing we have been practicing adding at least 5 details to our pictures and using at least 5 colors in the pictures we draw!

*Writing our Names

Science/Social Studies

We have been working on learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids as a part of The Leader In Me! So far we have learned the first 3:

*Habit # 1 - Be Proactive "You're in Charge"

*Habit #2 - Begin with the End in Mind "Have a Plan/Set Goals"

*Habit # 3 - Put First Things First "Work First, Then Play"

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Upcoming Events and Dates for September

September 15th - PTO Meeting, 6pm

September 16th - Early Release

September 19th - Workday, No School!

September 20th - Open House and rescheduled Ice Cream Social!

September 26th - Letter and Sign-up Form for Beginning of the Year Parent Teacher Conferences will be sent home.

September 28th - First Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home

September 29th - Our First Field Trip!!! Asheville Police and Fire Departments Field Trip (More information about this will be sent home soon...and its a free field trip!)

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Parent/Teacher Beginning of the Year Conferences

I will be sending home a sign-up sheet on Monday, Sept. 26th in everyone's binders for Parents to sign up for Beginning of the Year Conferences! Please number your choices 1-3 (one being the most desired time) and I will try my hardest to work around your schedule! I will then send a conference reminder sheet in your student's binder with the time and day I have scheduled for you from your top choices! I can't wait to talk to each and everyone of you and to tell you about all the exciting things we have going on in our room!

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We love Kindergarten!!!

A note from Miss Jones...

We have been having an amazing first couple of weeks of school! Everyone is working and playing very hard! I feel so lucky to have this new group of Kindergartners with me this year! When at home, please work with your student on practicing writing their names and tying their shoes! It's going to be an exciting year!