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It’s All About Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening, which is also referred as tooth bleaching is a procedure done to restore the natural tooth color. However, the bleaching brightens the tooth beyond natural color that helps the patients to have the most beautiful sparkling smile. Normally, the tooth whitening procedure is done for cosmetic purposes. People who love to have brighter white teeth consider this procedure. It is the most effective and the safest way to brighten up the natural tooth color. However, tooth whitening is not a one time job; you need to have it repeatedly to maintain the bright light color.

The outer layer of the teeth is referred as enamel and the natural color of teeth is the reflection and the scattering of light passes off the tooth enamel. Your genes play a predominant role in the thickness and smoothness of this enamel. The thinner the enamel, the light penetrates well from the dentin and vice versa. As the thickness and smoothness of the enamel plays a vital role, not everyone has the same teeth color. Hence, people prefer tooth whitening/bleaching to have a brighter teeth. However, this is not the only reason to prefer this procedure. Many have their own reasons to consider teeth whitening Brisbane. Let’s have a look on the most common reasons why people prefer this procedure.

People, who often chew tobacco, drink coffee, tea, color or red wine often and those who do not take proper care about their oral health consider this procedure. Added to this, aging also makes tooth to lose its shine as the enamel becomes thinner and the dentin becomes darker. Teeth whitening procedure is also recommended for those who have intrinsic tooth stains. Normally, the intrinsic stains are caused due to too much exposure to fluorides or due to tetracycline antibiotics. Trauma may also be the main reason for tooth discoloration. The teeth whitening procedure works as a boon to the people who tooth is discolored due to any reason. Hence, this procedure is also considered for cosmetic purposes. There are many expert doctors available all over Brisbane who performs teeth bleaching which brings a sparkling and eye-catching smile on patients.

Preparing for tooth whitening:

In case if you’re suffering from other dental problems such as cavities and so on, you may need to be treated for such problems before you consider teeth whitening procedure. It is because the whitening solution may pass through the decay areas and reach the inner parts which affect the gums and roots of the tooth/teeth. Hence, it is a better idea to discuss about your areas health with your doctor before you go ahead with the whitening procedure. As a matter of note, you need to know that teeth whitening do not work on porcelain crowns and veneers.

Tooth/teeth bleaching can be done at home or at dental office. For in-office whitening, your dentist may take photograph of your teeth before performing the whitening process. This helps the doctor to monitor the progress of the teeth whitening process. Before performing the process, the doctor cleans your teeth completely. It removes the film of bacteria deposited on your teeth. Once this is done, he/she starts the process.

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