Things Not Seen

By Andrew Clements

The Inside Scoop

This fiction story is yet another phenomenon by Andrew Clements. In this story, an average teenage boy named Bobby Phillips wakes up to find himself invisible. That's right: invisible.

He calls in sick from school for three weeks and by that time the school board is suspicious. They search for him but obviously can't find him since he is invisible. One day, he goes on a walk to the library and meets a girl named Alicia. The things is, Alicia is blind! So Alicia just supposes that Bobby is an ordinary boy- until he tells her his secret. Together they try solving the mystery of becoming invisible.



Bobby's parents get into a major car accident later on, causing Bobby to now become an invisible child with no parents by his side. But he does become close friends with Alicia. They call each other and after a while Bobby's parents return, also befriending Alicia's parents.
My favorite part of this book is when Bobby met Alicia. I like this because it is cool how a blind girl won't actually know that she is friends with an invisible person. Finally, Bobby wakes up one time and actually sees himself in the mirror. How do you think that happened? I recommend this book because it seems like it is so real and draws you in deeper within every word. Do you want to find out life as an invisible person?


Things Not Seen is a fiction novel originally published in 2002. It is only written in English. The book won the 2005 Middle School/Junior High California young reader medal. The book The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is also referenced to.


"This novel will prove thought-provoking as it asks the reader to consider all the things not seen." -VOYA

"Clement's story is full of life; it's poignant, funny, scary, and seemingly all too possible. The author successfully blends reality with fantasy in a tale that keeps his audience in suspense until the very end." -SLJ


Andrew Clements really knows how to mix fiction with reality.

What's it like to be invisible? Do you have to wear clothes? Do you have to go to school? These are probably a few of the million questions you could ask Bobby Phillips, the invisible boy. Not only is this book about invisible people, but also blind people. It gives a two way perspective. Clements has also wrote the best-selling book, Frindle.

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Andrew Clements

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Alicia the Blind Girl