comes winter!

A quick note from Mrs. Mahoney

The food, the people, the sharing....what was best??

What a great time we had at the third annual Multicultural Fair last Friday night. Close to 30 families and staff members shared their cultures, dress, food, traditions and customs with attendees. We were entertained by Hispanic dancers that made us want to dance along. Over 40 families took a family photo FOR FREE. 68 family pictures were shared in a slideshow. Student work from art and computer classes were featured. What's not to love??

Holiday Needs

If you are interested in getting help with the holidays, you may want to click on the following link:
This link will take you to an application for the "Toyland for Kids" program at the Center for People In Need. Let me know if you need a hard copy and I will get one to you.

Where are my gloves? Where is my winter coat? Do I have to wear socks?

I have enough trouble getting the dogs to cooperate in the I searched for my winter gear last night. Did you? Please help your children to gather appropriate warm clothes for this icy temperature plunge....known in Nebraska as "just another day". Does your child need mittens, a hat, a coat?? Let me know! We have a supply in storage!