Steller's Sea Cows

Hydrodamalis gigas (Moo?)

Common Ancestors Seen today:

Amazonian Manatee, West Indian Manatee,and Dugong

The only differences that can actually be noticed by the naked eye are the tails. The dugong has a fluked tail (like a whale), while manatees have a round shaped tail.

Other than that, all three descendants are completely in-separable.

Why is it extinct?:

As a result of over-hunting for the blubber and leather, the sea cow went extinct.

Physical Description

The sea cow would grew up to an average of 7.5 meters... Yeah.. that big.

Its mass was supposed to be an average of 11,000 kilograms (24683 pounds)..

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Where it Lived:

The sea cow lived in cold, shallow, coastal environments, this is so that they could get to kelp and seaweed faster and easier.

What it Ate:

Much like the manatee, it was a herbivore, it at plants from the sea floor, and that's pretty much it.
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