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September 2019 * Explore Excellence*

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Important Dates

  • 8/27 Curriculum Night (More Information in Newsletter)

  • 8/27-9/10 NWEA Testing

  • 8/30 First Day of Friday Explorer Clubs

  • 9/2 No School-Labor Day

  • 9/5 Fall Picture Day

  • 9/9 Motivational Monday: Kindness with the Sun City Fire Department

  • 9/17 First PTO Meeting at 3:30pm

  • 9/24 Dental Presentation for 2nd & 6th Grade

  • 10/7-10/11 Spirit Week

  • 10/10 Reading Under the Stars 4pm-6pm

  • 10/7-10/10 Academic Parent Teacher Teams

  • 10/7-10/11 Scholastic Book Fair

  • 10/14-10/18 Fall Break-NO SCHOOL

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ClassDojo: Stay Connected

Communication is extremely important to the success of our students. Therefore, every classroom has a ClassDojo account where you can read what your child is learning and see photos.

Below is a quick overview for how to sign up. If you have not received a class code yet, please reach out to your child's teacher. They will be happy to help!

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Explore Excellence

Everyday at Discover U we EXPLORE EXCELLENCE by being respectful, proactive, kind and courageous. In every classroom and all around our campus you will hear teachers and students talk about how to be an explorer and complimenting these key traits. Our kids are constantly receiving positive recognition for their behavior and receiving orange "Explore Excellence" Tickets. On Fridays we draw one ticket from every class and our kids get a certificate, their picture taken and get to choose an experience for their reward. Our rewards are changed out quarterly. Here are the current choices:

-Dress Down Day

-Recess With Another Class

-Junior Principal, Dean, PE Coach, Art Teacher

-Swap Chairs With Any Adult For The Day

-Line Leader For The Day

-Positive Handwritten Letter Home

-Wear A Hat To School

-No Shoes In Class

-Read A Book To Kindergarten

-Lunch With A Teacher Of Your Choice

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Please Join Our Parent Teacher Organization

Our PTO works extremely hard to raise money that directly benefits our students and families. Previously, we raised funds to complete our outdoor learning space next to the school garden, to purchase books and to create cool down spaces for kids. This year our PTO will fund raise towards a new playground and for Friday Explorer Clubs! We truly appreciate everyone who takes an active role in helping to nurture, inspire and empower our students.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 17th from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the school Learning Lounge. Children ages 5-12 will participate in an art project during the meeting. You may also attend the meeting via Google Hangouts by following this link https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/discoverulearning.com/wegner?authuser=1. Everyone is welcome!

Friday Explorer Clubs Begin

Students and teachers are very excited for our Friday Explorer Clubs to start this Friday. On Monday, August 26th students will choose their top 3 choices for clubs. On Thursday they will find out what club they will be attending for the first half of the school year. Below are the clubs we will be offering for the first half of the year. :)

  • Dance- We will learn the skills and technique of multiple dances and the different terminology while also giving the students the chance to show their personality. By the end of the club everyone will learn one synchronized routine .
  • Discover Broadway- Explorers will audition for parts and practice for a live stage production for families and the school!
  • Disney Club- We will learn the history behind Walt Disney and some of the famous movies he helped to create. Our Explorers will create Disney crafts and will make their own "short film" using still motion pictures.
  • Explorer Book Club- We will explore their love of reading by reading one book at a time with a group and having open discussions of whatever they thought was the most interesting we read that week. We will find ourselves going through a range of genres and titles to explore what the literary world has to offer. By the end, each student will be able to take home a copy of their favorite book and an action plan to find similar books they might like.
  • Garden Club- We will learn about gardening, design the garden bed and plant flowers and vegetables. The end product will be homemade garden tools to take home and seeing our plants grow!
  • H.O.P.E Club (Helping Out People Everyday)- 3rd-6th graders will help others in the school and community through fundraising and volunteering. Students will make an impact in the lives of others.
  • No Bake Cooking- We will learn simple recipes kids can make at home. Explorers will be building a recipe book to take home.
  • No Strings Attached- We will work with string to create a variety of art pieces. Let your imagination soar. We will put our artwork on display for the whole school to see.
  • Restorative Peer Mediation- 5th and 6th graders will learn the tools to become problem solvers and mediators for Explorers in grades K-4.
  • Super Soccer Stars-Players will be introduced to the team concepts, rules, and basic fundamentals of soccer. At the end of the season we will demonstrate our understanding of the game by playing a competitive game. Family and friends will be encouraged to come out and help to cheer on their student and their team.
  • Yoga and Social Emotional Learning- We will explore strengthening the mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. There are 12 areas we will cover: Breathe for Beginnings, Breathe for Creativity, Breathe for Gratitude, Breathe for Presence, Breathe for Compassion, Breathe for Communication, Breathe for Inclusion, Breathe for Collaboration, Breathe for Social Justice, Breathe for Harmony, Breathe for Playfulness, Breathe for Inspiration. Explorers will choose one area to record their session. We will share these with families and the school.

Explorer Club Donations

Our teachers are very excited to inspire our students and create learning experiences that will make a lifelong impact on our students. Since each one of these inspiring clubs require unique supplies we are asking for donations to support our clubs. Below are two possible options for donating.

  • Cash donation of $5-$20 to the front office. This money will be divided up and will be distributed directly to our teachers to purchase supplies.

  • Make a tax credit donation to our school clubs. The Arizona State Tax Credit program allows you to make a donation to an eligible organization and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit against Arizona state taxes owed. These donations count as charitable contributions and may be deducted on your federal return if you itemize your deductions. To do so, go to http://bit.ly/DUtaxcredit.

If you would like to make a cash donation, please bring the money to the front office. We will be collecting the money and distributing it among our teachers so that they can buy supplies for their club. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (623)974-4827.

Thank you for partnering with us to create a school that nurtures, inspires and empowers all of our students through hands on learning.

What is NWEA Testing?

Your child learns better-and faster- when teachers and students have a clear picture of what they know and what they are ready to learn next. The NWEA assessment is an "adaptive" assessment which reacts to each child's answers and gets more challenging when they are getting answers correct and becomes easier when they are getting answers incorrect.

At Discover U kindergarten through sixth grade have started taking this assessment for reading and math. You will be receiving a print out showing how your child did on this assessment. During Academic Parent Teacher Teams in October your child's teacher will be able to show you the results and discuss in detail how they are using this information to personalize instruction for your child.

Our students will take this assessment three times a school year to focus on personalizing instruction and measuring student growth.

Please click here if you'd like to read the Parent Toolkit to learn more.

Parent Pickup

Our number one priority during parent pickup is safety and efficiency. We want to make sure that all of our explorers make it safely to you. Therefore, we have a few reminders to all of our parents and guardians.

  • We recommend waiting in line to drive to the pick up area after school. This is a quick process and we pride ourselves on taking under 15 minutes for all students to make it to their car. As you drive through the pick up area please be sure to pull all the way forward.
  • Please do not park in the surrounding businesses parking lots. Please do not park in the fire lane in front of the office or stop and wait behind parked cars. You will need to park your vehicle in either the front or back parking lot and walk up to pick up your child from their teacher or simply wait in line to drive up to the pick up area.
  • During dismissal our teachers number one priority is child safety. Therefore, it is not time to discuss serious matters. Please ask if you can speak after dismissal or follow up to schedule a meeting.
  • If your child is in aftercare, you will need to park and walk in to sign them out. If you are picking up your child at 3:15pm and do not want them to go to Explorer Zone, you are welcome to call the front office prior to dismissal and we can relay the message to your child's teacher to have them outside at dismissal.
  • If you need extra time buckling in your children, we ask that you pull all the way to the front of the line before your children get in. This will allow you the time needed to ensure your child is buckled without feeling rushed.
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Angela Wegner, Principal

Angela Wegneris honored to lead Discover U. She earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the Arizona State University. Her work has been devoted to creating a positive, safe, caring environment where students are nurtured, inspired, and empowered as learners.

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