Hi Mom, I'm Home!

Justin Cook March 16, 2015

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Many college graduates are having to move back home with their parents due to the amount of college debt they owe. Some people believe that the reasoning behind so much debt is that the students are lazy. Students however, see moving back home as an economic plan and tend to ignore what these people think. With the economy slowing starting to pick up, paying off student loan debt is beginning to look better for students. Many students are getting jobs that offer better pay and are able to live on their own. Others however, remain with their parents. To them, it is now a choice.

Supporting Details of Main Idea

1. "She ended up following a path that a growing number of young people are taking; She moved back in with her parents."

2. "Today, one in three people between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents."

3. "Eric Curran moved back in with his parents in Wahoo, Nebraska, in 2013, during his last semester in college."

4. "Even if people know outside that I'm living at home and I'm a college graduate, it's OK with me now."

Real-world Application

This article can be used in the real-world to show that moving back home because of student loan debt is not the end of the world. Many people are caught up in debt just like you may be. You are not alone, and living with your parents while trying to pay off your debt may be a smart choice to make.