Psychoactive Drugs

By: Olivia Falch and Rebecca Koh

Psychoactive drugs

drugs that are capable of influencing perception, mood, cognition, or behavior
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drugs that speed up activity in the central nervous system
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drugs that slow down activity in the central nervous system
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drugs that relieve pain and provide temporary euphoria
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Psychedelic drugs

drugs that allows one to experience hallucinations
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increased resistance to the drug effects accompanying continued use
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a feeling of need of a certain drug
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a need for a drug because of medical purposes, not because of addiction
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3 Intresting Facts

1. Neurotransmitters in your brain can be controlled by certain psychoactive drugs.

2. Drugs can either diminish activity in the brain (Central Nervous System) or increase it depending on the drug used

3. Caffeine and energy drinks are common psychoactive drugs.