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Weekly Update for Douglas Staff - Dec. 7th


It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays around Douglas...and the Giving Drive is a great way to kick off this season. Thanks to Cally and LIz and the student council for organizing! By the songs trickling out of the music room, it sounds like our holiday concerts are fast approaching. To prep for caroling, feel free to grab caroling packets from the lounge. It would be GREAT to save these packets from year to year, so please grab enough for pairs in your classroom, then hold onto them for the future. Thank you for making the next couple of weeks merry and bright for our students and for each other.

Thank you for preparing your students for the crisis drill last week. In debriefing with our student services team following the drill, we felt that the drill went well. A couple of things that were noted: please make sure that all students/staff are not visible from the doorway, even in a drill setting; lights should be off during the intruder situation. We did notice that there was a door that unlocked when we tried to open it - it has since been replaced. If you have trouble with your door lock or can't lock it from the inside of your classroom, please let Mike Opps know right away. In other Crisis Plan news - our new evacuation site will be the Watertown Moravian Church on Cole Street. From this point forward, if we would need to evacuate, we will be walking to this church (Center Street to Fourth Street - then Left on Cole Street to the Church - 1 mile distance). When evacuating - classroom teachers need their flip chart with a current class list on the back. More details regarding the evacuation plan will be shared as they are developed.

Non-Classroom Teachers, please take a moment to sign-up for the Holiday Concert at VolunteerSpot...You will be signing up for a specific responsibility at the concert this year to ensure that all bases are covered! The link to volunteer spot is directly beneath this welcome message.

Tonight is the first meeting of the Collaborative Time Committee for the district. Joi-Lynn, Amanda, and I will be on this committee, and we look forward to sharing the developments with you and getting your feedback.

I hope you all have a great week!

Holiday Concerts - Volunteer Spot (Non-Classroom)

1) Click: 2) Review the options listed and choose the spot you like. 3) Sign up! It's Easy!

K-2/3-5 Staff Meeting (Tuesday)

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 3:15pm

1101 Prospect Street

Watertown, WI

K-2 and 3-5 will both participate in PD to strengthen core instruction presented by Nancy and Lisa on Reciprocal Teaching - a research-based strategy that can be used with your whole class, groups of students, or individually. Want a preview of Reciprocal Teaching?? Here is a website with information:

K-2 will meet in Lisa Clark's room; 3-5 will meet in Justin Thayer's room

Agenda for Tuesday's Meetings:

- Positive Happenings

- Review Norms

- Reciprocal Teaching

PLC Planning Team Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 3:15-4:15pm

1101 Prospect Street

Watertown, WI

We will be meeting in the Douglas Media Center - conference room would be very crowded! Planning Team Members, please refer to the email sent last week about the content of the meeting. Looking forward to planning together!
Playworks - 12 Games to teach Social-Emotional Learning

Looking for new games to build community in your classroom during your class meetings? Check out this website for some great ideas!

Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away...

Motivational Video by Josh Shipp - not to show your students (some strong content), but a thought provoking video for all of you - teachers and paras. How do we think about our most challenging a "problem" or as an "opportunity"?

Paw Pride Club - Mission: Cafeteria!!

3-5 Teachers, please email me with the names of your students who are interested in the Paw Pride Club by Wednesday at noon. I would like to train Paw Pride Club students on Thursday or Friday of this week. The idea is that they can be role models for the younger students in the cafeteria and help with things like - tray stacking area, washing tables, dismissing students to dump trays, help keep cafeteria clean.

Paw Pride Club kids will be grouped into teams of 8 - on duty for 2 weeks then rotating. They will head to their duty stations upon entering the cafeteria (beginning of grade-level lunch period) and help the younger students in the cafeteria. After the younger students are dismissed and the cafeteria is clean, they will grab their lunch and eat at a designated table together. They will not have to go out to recess when the rest of their grade goes out so they have time to eat.


Emily's Schedule for the Week (12/7-12/11)

Monday - 12/7

7:30 New Student Tour/Welcome

8:05 Announcements

8:15 5th Team Meeting

9:00 Office Meeting (JH)

9:15 Post-Observation Conference (MH)

10:00 Office Meeting (DM)



12:55 4th Grade WIN - Lobby


3:30-5:30 Collaborative Time Committee

Tuesday - 12/8

8:05 Announcements

8:30-11:15 Cabinet (ESC)


12:55 4th Grade WIN - Media Center


3:15-4:30 Staff Meetings - K-2 (Lisa Clark's Room), 3-5 (Justin Thayer's Room)

5:00 PTO Board Meeting

6:00 PTO Meeting

Wednesday - 12/9

7:30 SIT (Jarmell O. - 3T)

8:05 Announcements

Bingo in 2K


12:55 4th Grade WIN - Lobby

2:15 Bingo in 3D

3:30 Parent Meeting (2LiC)

Thursday - 12/10

4th Grade to Madison (all day)

8:05 Announcements

Observations throughout day

3:15 PLC Planning Team Meeting (Media Center)

Friday - 12/11

7:30 Parent Meeting

8:05 Announcements

8:15 Team Leader Meeting (office)

9:00-1:30 Emily at ESC - Elementary Principals

Rock Star Staff of the Week: Nikki Kreutzman, Ann Baxter, and Julie Burchardt!