DMS Bands Weekly News

February 9, 2020

This Week

Schedule: Week 2


No morning band room until further notice.

  • Monday 2/10 - Percussion Ensemble (3:30-5:30)
--> "Goodies with the Guard" @ Bob Jones High School - 6pm goodies, 7pm shows begin!

  • Thursday 2/13 - Percussion Ensemble (3:30-5:30)
Panther Prowl performances during school day (Con/Sym wear polos)

  • Friday 2/14 - HALF DAY for students -- Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday 2/15 - Saturday 2/15 - DISTRICT 1 HONOR BAND (those selected)
Location: Grissom High School
Concert: Saturday @ 7:00pm, GHS Auditorium -- Everyone invited to attend (free)!

Update Your Calendars!

Please update your calendars for the following events:

  • March 3 - DMS Symphonic Band Music Performance Assessment - James Clemens HS (9:00 AM)
  • March 11 - DMS Concert Band Music Performance Assessment - Hartselle HS (9:25 AM)
  • SPRING CONCERT DATES - May 11 (Cadet and Concert Band)
  • SPRING CONCERT DATES - May 12 (Symphonic Band)
  • Jazz Brunch: May 16 (Jazz Band Only)

See ORLANDO TRIP required meeting dates below!

Big picture

Announcements for All

Please double check CHARMS so you can see your balance due. If you need help checking your CHARMS account, email

We REALLY need you guys to buy some of this amazing DMS Band spirit wear! We have tons of types of clothing, including gym shorts, athletic wear, sweatshirts, etc!! Please get some!!

Check out GOODIES WITH THE GUARD and see the JV guard rock it out with their 2020 show! The JV and high school guards will both be performing after some delicious treats. Enter through the auditorium lobby or bus loop. Come on out and support the guard program!

COST: $8 Adults

$5 Students

Children 5 and under are free

All DMS Band students should fill out the google form below:

DMS Band - Electives/Extracurriculars Survey 2020

All DMS Band students should fill out this form. Please only fill it out one time. Thank you!

Know any current 5th, 6th or 7th grader who wants to do band??

Email us at!

Direct them to this website:

They can just sign up for "beginner band" - its THAT easy! We will see them at our PETTING ZOO nights in the spring. The first Petting Zoo is March 26 and the second is April 14. Students will get more info about these at their school next week and at Panther Prowl.

Cadet Band

Have your students perform for you! Keep encouraging them. This time of year gets SO BUSY and sometimes its tough for students in all classes. If your student wants to come to you to drop an elective (hopefully not band!) remember that this time of year is hard, and have a good conversation with them about that first. We are always here to help. We have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year that will be tons of fun!!!

Get you some AMAZING Discovery Band spirit wear!

We are running into MANY students who are not quite as organized as we have been in the fall. Please make sure your beginner band student has the following:

  • book
  • binder (black, w/ nametag)
  • pencil
  • instrument
  • accessorries (mallets for mallet players, reeds and ligatures for reed players, neckstraps for saxophone players, mouthpiece for brass players, etc)

Starting this week, parents will get a phone call each time a student forgot something they needed for class. We have way too many students showing up repeatedly forgetting supplies. Students get behind when they can't participate with the group, so please help us help you!

Concert/Symphonic Bands

Get some AMAZING Discovery Band spirit wear!

Congratulations to those of you who made our District 1 Honor Band or the Alabama ALL STATE Band!

Please come out and spend your Saturday evening at Grissom High School supporting our DMS Band students who were selected for the District 1 Honor Band. This is a great honor and we are so proud of them! It will be a fantastic concert.

UNA Middle School Honor Band

Applications due to Merritt or Parker by Thursday afternoon so we can scan on Friday.

Application link below:

UNA Middle School HB Application 2020

Application link to google drive - please print and fill out before returning to Merritt or Parker.


See image of meeting dates above. Add these meetings to your calendar - they are required for trip participants. Email if you have a conflict.

Check your CHARMS accounts to make sure they are up to date, please. Trips should be paid by March 1 unless a payment plan is drawn up.

Last payment due 2/28 - $250. Please email us if you need a payment plan. Thank you for being patient as we switched out our money box and understanding in your efforts to pay on time. We have already paid most of these payments out of the band account to our travel company, and we are thankful we are able to do this on-time because of you all!

Spring Trip Newsletter:

Treasurer Updates

Please remember: Checks and online payments are the preferred method of payment.

2 phone numbers and 1 drivers license number should be included on checks.

Spring Class Dues ($50) and Spring Instrument Rental ($60) are due. Thank you for helping us collect these payments in a timely manner!

Here is the link you can use to pay online:

Note that there is a $3.50 charge for paying online

Please email us a copy of the receipt so we can enter the payment in Charms. The systems aren't linked so it won't post automatically, and it takes us several days to get a copy of all online payments.

Band Room Supply Wish List

-CANDY for bribing...we mean...encouraging our students!

-Computer paper (white)

-Paper Towels


-Command Hooks

-Pencils (non-mechanical)

If you ever purchase reeds or any music supplies that don't work for your student, see if they can work as a donation to the program! For pricey donations we can provide a tax letter. Thanks!

Be sure to tune in to our Facebook Group "DMS Bands" for a weekly Spotlight on one of our amazing band classes! We know you will be just as impressed with these awesome students as we are!


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