Flipping Your Class

5 easy steps to start flipping your lessons today

1. Flip your class without the homework

Videos don't necessarily have to be watched at home. On second thought, you don't have to always deliver your content through videos either, you can use interactive websites, games, virtual museums/tours, student created content, etc. Given resource constrains and the growing population of economically disadvantaged families within the district, I've found it's more effective for my students (who don't have a school assigned device) to watch the videos in class. I typically use 4 videos to cover the 6 weeks' content and once lesson plans are submitted, I book all my lab/chrome cart days for the entire 6 weeks. This ensures you'll have a one-to-one device/student ratio.

Next you'll need to decide how students will demonstrate their knowledge after viewing the video/content. This can be done in a number of ways, here's a few suggestions:

A. Fill in the Blank/Q&A Handout

B. Outlines

C. Quiz (online: schoology, google form or on paper)

D. Use a creation tool that will allow you to add questions that student will answer as

the watch the video (see below)

D. Activity: Experiment, Station Rotations, Game, Kahoot, Socrative

E. Application: apply information in a new way: illustration, student created game/experiment, project

Video Resources

Create Your Own Tools

1. Screencast-o-matic

2. educreations

3. edpuzzle (add questions to videos)

4. Sophia (add Q&A to complete after video)

5. Prezi

6. YouTube (editor)

Why recreate the wheel

1. YouTube

2. Discovery Learning

3. TED

4. 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos

5. Online Textbooks (hopefully all core teachers will have access to one next year). Mrs. Garcia can give you info/login for demo sites we're currently using. The Pearson videos are great!

2. Decide how you're going to share your lessons with the class

It's best if your students access the material through your website or learning management system (schoology, edmodo, google classroom, discovery learning). This gives you a quick and easy way to share assignments with students.

Quick and Easy Management: Most of these tools will allow you to create classes and provide member/class codes to share with students to have them sign up.

3. Let projects do the work for you

This took a little getting use to. I was scared that if I didn't personally go over all content

Best Practices