Jarratt's Journal

Keeping up with what's going down!

WOW! The Second Week Is Gone!

I cannot believe we are already at Labor Day weekend! Wow!

So, this week has been fast and furious. We have really dug into the curriculum this week and gotten our feet wet with reading and writing.

This week we read Priscilla and the Wimps. It's an amazing short story with a valuable lesson. The students learned about PLOT and THEME and have been able to pick apart the PLOT and THEME of Priscilla and the Wimps! They really impressed me!

In writing, we tackled our names. Who am I? What does my name really represent? This is our first of MANY writing lessons where the students will pull from their own lives to create incredible stories. I have read some really beautiful writing this week and can't tell you how extremely excited I am about where this year will take us!


Please be aware your student will take their first major assessment on September 10 and 11th. This is a district assessment on writing. It will be utilized as a baseline to find where your student is and how far we need to take them. This is a major grade in this class and we need all in attendance, if at all possible. Thank you so much for you attention to this!

Headed to the library this week! Please clear up all fines before our library day on September 8th!


Do we have homework?

Students should be reading 20 minutes a night minimum, as well as other assignments

What is AOW?

Starting September 14th we will have the ARTICLE OF THE WEEK. This is an article and a series of events the student needs to complete during the week for homework. It will be handed out every Monday and is due back on Friday. If the student misplaces it, or you would like to see what they are, they are listed by date on my website.

What is a book study?

Book Study happens every time we go to the library. The students pick a book and as they read it (in class, at home, etc) they are to respond to a series of questions that aid in better understanding what they have read. These are MAJOR grades and are due once a 6 weeks.