The Olympic Javalin Throw

By Yash Bhosale

What is a Javalin Throw?

The Olympic Javalin Throw is a very competitive sport. It is one of many sports in the Olympics. The Javalin Throw is a track and field event where the Javalin, a spear about 2.5m(8ft 2in) in length, is thrown. The Javalin thrower gain momentum by running with in the given area. Javalin throwing is an event for both men and women.

Explanation of Data

For this project I collected data for the Javalin throws. I only took Olympic Gold mad lost for my collection. After collecting my data I inputed the data in my Casio calculator. My collected data is displayed in the 3 pictures below.

This is the graph for the data

My data table was put into a graph and I noticed that the men will keep on throwing the Javalin farther than the women.

The goal of this project

The goal of this project was to compare the data of Javalin throw of both men and women

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