Sleep Cycle alarm clock

The best way to get a good nights sleep!

What it does...

The sleep cycle alarm clock app uses the accelerometer inside your iphone (the part that knows when you turn it sideways), to detect your movements while you sleep. Then, based on you movements, it tries to find the perfect time to wake you up within your wakeup phase (10-90 mins). For example, you might go to bed at nine o' clock pm, and hit the sleep button. Your wakeup time may be between 7:45 and 8:00, but rather than waking you up at either one of those times, it will sense your sleep patterns and wake you up at maybe 7:52. This is said to make your sleep more relaxing. It also will take all your data, and give your average sleep quality and time. Lastly, an array of gentle alarm sounds are provided.
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I love this app! I feel like it totally works. The first time I used it I really felt refreshed, and like I actually slept right. I also like how it doesn't let you sleep in too late, just like an alarm clock would, but also doesn't wake you up too early. It is also interesting to see my sleep patterns, even though I have no idea what it means. In addition to that, I also like all the random statistics it gives, like who knew the exact time I stayed in bed? Lastly, I loved the alarm sounds they provided. They were nice and soothing, but still managed to wake me up. I would totally recommend this app to someone else, it's definitely the best way for a middle school student to get more sleep.


Although this app has a lot of pros, there also were some cons. The number one con was that I'm not exactly sure how the science behind this really works. Has it been tested by professionals? When I thought it worked, maybe it was just because I really wanted it to work. Also, the fact that I have Iphone waves going inside my brain al night, probably will give me cancer or some other sickness. Speaking of it being next to me, I didn't really like that feature. This is because I charge my phone at night, and need to have it on my desk, and when I leave it next to me, it's almost dead by the morning.