About Me

I aM pReEtY sTrAiT fOrWaRd. I hAtE wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS! i love to play guitar, im athletic , i like to meet new people , im really open minded/down to earth, and im preety funny . I like to be awkward on purpose because i think its halarious and it usually makes people laugh so thats always good . hmmmmm if u want my opinion and u know its bad dont ask becuase i will give an honest responce and it might be bad or good .


YO YO YO !!!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY SOPHMORE PEEPS! AWESOME YEAR! The events were great. Some of the peprallys were BADDD but its all good . I want to thank every one for giving me such a good time . I had a blast. im not going to be seeing all my friends next year cause im going to reese. Im getting out of here and starting my life in the military once i graduate from reese. So i just want to thank all my friends i enjoyed myself a lot . #THANKS #YOLO #HAGS #DUECES


Mr. Bridges class is an easy but not easy class to pass. All you have to do is try . In order to fail you have to actually try to fail. This class is an enjoyable class with a lot of humor . Mr. Bridges is to sure to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in .Very fun class i hope next year has as much fun as we did.


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