My journey to Lviv

Dear Vladislav!

Hi Vlad, I want to tell you about my recent trip to the Lviv, after which I got a lot of experience, which I will share with you.

City Tour

When I arrived in Lviv, I immediately with his group went on a tour. It was a very interesting tour, it lasted six hours, but of course during that time we did not manage to see the whole city, but still saw many sights goroda.Lviv very ancient city, there are many buildings, the age of some of the more than four hundred years. Of course all the beauty of the city and all the things that I have seen is beyond words, but it was a great tour of the city, from which I received a lot of positive impressions.
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My hotel room

After an exciting tour, I went into my room, it was necessary to have a rest after the tour, and for the room in the hotel I paid beforehand.


After I rested in the room, I decided to dine at the restaurant. And I found a nice restaurant. It was a very large selection of food, I did not even know that I was the best book for dinner, but I also try not able to, you had to rely on their finances.

Your friend, Dima!