Thursday's Thoughts

March 17, 2016

As I sit here and think about the entire week so far and the fact that it is so close to spring break, I am reminded once again that our school is really great for so many reasons. For the past two weeks, I have been spending recess with fifth grade playing kick ball. This is the best part of my day. :-) I love how excited they are about this and it makes my heart smile when they stop by to ask me if I am coming. The kids being excited about a 25 minute kick ball game and being able to spend time with them "coaching" them to get along and cheer others on makes me happy. I love being a part of this school and hope you do too.

At this time of the year, it is easy to allow state testing and other factors to cloud our main purpose. I read the blog below and it reaffirms what we talk about so often. I thought I would share it with you. Remember Staff Custom #11: Have fun with each other. Play. Let's find time to play with each other and our students every day! It will keeps us focused on our main purpose. Have a restful night.


At every step, we must be true to the main purpose
. Just what is the main purpose of what we do in schools? It is easy to cite things like getting the kids ready for the state test as the main purpose. That would be the wrong answer. Maybe you believe that the main purpose is to get kids ready for the next grade level. Maybe you believe that the main purpose is to get high scores on the quarterly exams or the big summative assessments. Maybe some think it is all about the ACT sequence or the attainment of high grades. Maybe it’s all about mastering standards. None of these are the main purpose! These measures are all RESULTS of staying true to the main purpose. Our main purpose, as educators, is to make a difference is the lives of kids every day. Does that sound ridiculous? To some people, it is ridiculous in this “data point society” that so many embrace as the gospel truth without ever looking at the vast number of variables that need to be factored in. Look at it this way – can you point to one single thing that makes the overall difference in why, in broad terms, we are a really good school. Sure you want to teach well using the most effective techniques you can muster. You also want to use formative assessments to inform your instruction. You want to engage kids in their lessons and a hundred other things about the “science” of teaching. Often, it is the affective side of this student/teacher relationship that causes the biggest change. Are you a cheerleader for your students? Do they know that you have their best interests in mind? Do they know that you care? Do you talk with them? Did you ever ask them how things are going? Did you ever get that shovel out and dig a little bit into what they are going through. Were you an encourager this week, last week, last semester, the whole year? These things all go into this huge equation that many on the outside call “success.” I know this – when I hang it up, I will not spend much time sticking my chest out about high state test scores. Nope, I will be remembering those “silent victories” that caused great results in areas that may not be included in a newspaper article. Most will never know about these, but I will. Be true to the main purpose – making a difference in the life of every kid that comes your way.
As we announced earlier, Anna Reedy won the state award for the Palmetto Pride Contest. Heather just texted me and she has received word that because Anna won the state contest, our school and Anna will receive the following:

*Anna will receive a $1,000 scholarship and a framed print of her artwork.

*Heather will receive a $500 grant for art supplies.

*The school will receive a $1,000 grant and a framed print.

*All students and staff will receive tshirts with Anna's artwork on them!

Wow!!!!! Way to go Anna!!!!

You deserve a raise!

Mr. Havird stated that he believes teachers will receive a 2% raise plus the step increase this year. That will equal a 3-4% increase which hasn't happened in ten years! He said that this is not approved, but it is close. Keep your fingers crossed! :-)

Be vigilant!

Be vigilant as we move into spring. Behavior issues tend to increase at this time of the year.

Summer Academy

Mark your calendars for June 6-7. June 6th will be a day focused on literacy and Lester Laminack will be presenting. June 7th will be day one of the literacy course we all need for the literacy endorsement.


EARTH Day will be April 22nd. Remember to be thinking of a lesson surrounding EARTH Day as your kids will rotate to you during the day. Heather and Sheri have planned a great day for us. It is going to be AMAZING!


Remember to get your lunchboxes out of the refrigerator before leaving tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for understanding and helping us with this issue.

Board in the 3rd Grade Workroom

If you haven't seen it, check out the board behind the copier in the workroom. Just another reason I love this school. :-)

Happy Friday and Duty Free Lunch!