Wonderful Life

Of Desean Martin

Let me Introduce Myself

What's up my name is De'Sean Martin and I'm 16 years old and I'm a junior in high school. I was partly raised in Chicago and moved to Iowa City when I was nine. I plan on staying in Iowa City until I get sick of it. I live here with my mother, father, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. They are a great support to my life long dream.

Living It Up! My Dreams

My major dream is to study and become and become a veterinarian. I want to go to Iowa State and major there. I will stay in the dorms so I can save up for any kind of house. My dream house will have a big pond behind it with a weeping willow beside it, because I love when the wind blows how all the leaves flow to the rhythm of the wind. Something that would be great to share with a family. Now my dream car would be something a little more modern a truck to suit my style a ''Cadi'' baby!

Where would I live and Vacation?

I would love to live in Colorado because of the Mountain Tops, seeing the sun glisten off the snow after it has fallen. The people have their communication, they say their hi's and their byes. Not really long conversations but nice people. The place I would love to vacation at is CHINA, because everything there is ancient and has a story behind them, and the facts are even more astounding. What makes me want to vacation there is that my taekwondo teacher used to live there and he loved every year of it, the traditions that he told me makes me want to go even more maybe one of these days.


If I had millions, now that's a tough question. First, I would give some of the money to the charity STOP ANIMAL ABUSE foundation. Second, I would make sure my mother is secure financially. Third, I would get started on my veterinarian education. Fourth, I would get started on building my dream house to suit me and/or my family. Finally, I would use the money to start my own business, a veterinary practice.