General Biology

Spring 2016 Online

Welcome to Biology!

I am thankful you will be part of this course over the next seven weeks. Together we will be exploring the study of life, from microscopic cells to incredible ocean creatures. I personally have a background in marine biology, and studied large ocean fish while getting my Ph.D. at UC Davis. I love the oceans, but I also love Jesus. Ten years ago, he called me to transition careers and become a pastor. So as we study biology this semester, I hope to lead you to explore both faith and science.

I recognize some of you enjoy science, and some of you may find it a challenge. I am here to help you however I can this semester. While I hope you find the course enjoyable, I also hope that it challenges you to think about life on this earth and the glory of our Creator.

Please begin by completing the Jessup Online Student Orientation. Next, download the course syllabus and read it carefully. Then tell us something about yourself in the Introductions Forum. I would enjoy hearing why you decided to take biology this semester. After you have completed these tasks, you are ready for Week 1!

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is any way I can help you.

See you online!

- John Richert