June 2016

School Year is Over

Let Summer Begin

Its June and in just over a week, Kindergarten will graduate and summer will officially begin at ACP. Graduation comes so quickly and each year we can't believe its that time. Our annual ACP BBQ is in the books! Another successful year completed even with our back up bounce house and face painter. Next year is our 15 year anniversary and we are so excited to plan that one!

Since its summertime, it means water play, sprinklers, and outside time galore. Therefore, please make sure we are stocked with sunscreen and shimmies for the little ones. Bathing suits and towels are a must. And please take them home weekly with bedding, to be washed since they will smell musty.

If your child will be out please call the office and let us know. If you have any planned vacations please notify the office immediately so we can adjust staff ratios.

Infant I

Welcome to June, and finally warm weather! A lot has happened the past month in our room. Our babies have grown and thrived a ton in May. We have welcomed two new friends to our room, Zackary and Mballou. Miss. Ronda and Miss. Amanda are so happy to have them join our room and they are fitting right in. Even though we just welcomed Mballou into our class, this month she will be moving over to Infant 2 with Miss. Laura and Miss. Steph. We wish her the best of luck over in her new room. Our whole class is thriving immensely, they are all sitting up by themselves which is so exciting! Aiden has even started crawling all over the room! These babies are keeping Miss. Ronda and Miss. Amanda on their toes with everyone moving around and eating more! We are so happy and proud to see them progress so much in one month! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch your babies grow and develop everyday, it is a true pleasure! Please continue to watch for notes in tadpoles about bringing in food and clothes. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Miss. Ronda and Miss. Amanda

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Infant II

Spring flew by but now summer is finally here! We had fun in May and we are
excited for June. In May we welcomed Blake and Rylee to our room. They love being a part of our class. This month our friends McKenna and Julian will join Toddler 1 class. They have enjoyed learning and playing with us and are ready to be with the big kids. The weather has been very warm lately so we ask that parents double check cubbies to make sure your child has season appropriate and correct size extra clothes. We like to go outside and play so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Also starting June 13th our class will be doing water play pending the weather. Please bring Swimmie diapers, swimsuits, towels and water shoes/sandals every Monday so your child can do water play. Also please check tadpoles reports everyday, as this is our way of communicating to you about your child's day and needs. We had fun with our themes in May and this months themes get us ready for summer! The themes will be Dairy, Safety, Summer,Fathers Day and Eric Carle. Please let us or the office know when your child will be absent due to vacation or illness. Thank you. Enjoy the warm weather and Happy Father's Day to all our great dad's and granddads!

Miss Laura & Miss Stephanie

Toddler I

Hello parents of toddler 1! I would like to start off by saying thank you for a great month of May and thank you to those of you who made it out to our BBQ! This month we have a lot of fun things planned! As you may have noticed it's getting hotter and hotter so this month we will be starting water play! Please bring in swimsuits, towels, and even water shoes if you would like for your child. Please label everything!! Our author of the month is Eric Carle and the letter of the month is the letter "t". For the first week of June we will be discussing things that start with the letter "t" such as tree, turtle, tiger, triangle, etc. Our second week of June will be all about camping! This includes camp fires, tents, fishing, and s'mores! The third week of June we have an all summer week planned which includes water play, flowers, swimming pools, sunglasses, and the sun itself. Lastly for the final week of June will be all about insects! This will consist of butterflies, bees, ladybugs, ants, and spiders! Once again thank you all and hope you all have a wonderful month!

Toddler II

Wow, how this year is just flying by…summers already hear. Hopefully we will have a nice beautiful warm summer. This month we will be doing theme weeks all about summer fun. The first week will be all about camping, our second about weather and the seasons, then we will be doing a week about the beach and then finishing up with some Fourth of July projects. We will also be doing something special for our dads for Father's Day. This month we want to wish Eva a happy birthday on the 15th. Happy birthday kiddo hope your day is awesome. We also need to say a sad goodbye to our friend Thomas…he is moving back to North Carolina now that his Mom has finished up her residency. You will be greatly missed and best of luck to you all. Starting the 13th of the month we will start water play again, parents please bring in sunscreen, towels and bathing suits all labeled for water play. We will be doing water play 2 to 3 times a week, weather permitting and then will send home the suits and towels on Fridays with their sheets for washing. If your child is still in diapers then please also bring in swimmies. Also, please rotate your children's clothes from their cubbies to make sure we have summer clothes. During the summer months if your child will not be in school please be kind and let us know, our staff would like days off and this will help us know ratios to accommodate staff when necessary. Thank you for all your help throughout the year. Ms. Jodie and Ms. Tami


It’s starting to feel like summer is coming with all the warm weather we have been having! The first week of June we will be talking about camping. We will discuss what we need to bring on a camping trip. We will make animal tracks, make s’mores and set up tents in the classroom to play in! The next week we will be talking about the Ocean. We will learn about different kinds of fish and sharks. We will talk about scuba divers and make seafoam! We will also be learning about the beach. We will play in the sand and talk about sun safety. We will also be working on our Father’s Day gift this week! We will talk about the summer season and our favorite place to go on vacation. We will be having a picnic outside on the 24th, be sure to pack a non-heat lunch this day! The last week of June we will be talking about what a friend is. We will discuss kind words and nice hands. We will also be making friendship bracelets!

Reminder: Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle to bring out onto the playground. Make sure all food and cups are labeled.

Reminder:Water play will begin on June 13, Mondays and Wednesdays. Bring a swimsuit in ASAP!

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Prek is ready for more fun in the sun as we welcome June. This month we will be meeting Mr. Q, Ms. J, and Mr. X. We will be learning about different types of museums as we talk about dinosaurs, stars and planets, and our 5 senses. We have begun introducing key words each week to help expand our vocabulary. Some of our focus words this month will be paleontologist, extinct, fossils, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, orbit, and constellations. We will continue to review our alphabet and numbers while adding in some fun games to help us learn these. We will begin to introduce simple subtraction since our friends as enjoying our simple addition centers. At the end of the month we will enjoy a beach themed week. We will be sorting shells by size, finding letters in the sand, fishing for numbers, and making a sandy snack.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our water play days beginning on June 14th. Please make sure your child has a bathing suit, towel, and water shoes.

We will be hosting Donuts For Dads in celebration of Fathers Day on June 20th at 330. All dads are welcome! Please let us know if you can make it.

A very happy birthday goes out to Nickolas on the 30th!

<3 Miss Kelly and Miss Hayley


It’s almost time! Friday June 10th is Kindergarten graduation! I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone. Before I know it, it will be time to welcome a new class of Kindergarteners to the room. The class has been practicing hard for graduation since April! They are very excited and can’t wait to share their special day with their family. And I know they’ve done a good job keeping all the details top secret! Our end of the school year party will be Wednesday the 8th! In honor of graduation we illustrated what we want to be when we grow up, wrote special letters to me (that I keep!) and made a couple art projects. As exciting as graduation is, it is also a sad time because we have to say goodbye to some friends that will not be staying with us over the summer. If you are staying with me for the summer here is some information for you – home toys are allowed, they may be played with during free time. Please send in a water bottle that your child can keep here so we can stay hydrated on those hot, hot summer days! We will continue with mailboxes but not folders. Please check your child’s mailbox for work completed during the day. We’ll still be doing snacks on Friday, please sign up! And of course continue to read the tadpoles for what we’re up to and anything we might need.

We were super busy in May tying up loose ends, reviewing and having fun of course! We worked on reading and writing cvc words and also talking like a turtle to write longer words. We learned about sequencing and used the words beginning, middle, end, first, second, third, etc, before and after. We continued writing in our writing folders and practicing our handwriting. We played fun games like musical sight words, word detective and smack um whack um. As for math we finished up working on fractions and then spent time reviewing.

We started an ABC countdown to the end of school in May. Each day was a different letter and filled with fun! We blew bubbles, danced around, had stinky feet, enjoyed ice pops, told jokes, had a luau party, shared baby pictures, completed an obstacle course, wore pajamas, threw wet sponges at me, played with the parachute, had water play outside, went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo and much more! What a great way to end the school year!!

Happy graduation and happy summer!

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