Teen Pregnancy

By: Kristina J. 7A

Not as "fun" as it seems

  • Teen pregnancy is a girl ages 13-19 having a baby.

  • Teen pregnancy has been going on since the mid, 1960s.

  • This is a problem because the teen mom can not get the education that

she needs to finish school.

  • Teens become pregnant because they think if they have sex they won't

become pregnant

  • The consequences are that the teen could drop out of school, or the

teen mom could live in poverty.

  • This could not be a problem to me because I'm not having a child

  • Teen pregnancy could be solved by using protection, birth control, and

providing more education about pregnancy.

  • These solutions will be successful because teens will know what to do or about this situation.

  • What you can do to help is go to www.thegirleffect.org and learn all the information about teen pregnancy.

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