The Roaring 20s

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The Roaring twenties

The roaring twenties was an economic boom period that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many. New technologies such as the automobile,airplanes,radios, and new appliances improved peoples' lives. However, some such as sharecroppers, farmers, and underpaid factory workers were not able to enjoy this rising standard of living.



Jazz was a music genre that was based on syncopated rhythms, blue notes,and improvisation.

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a culture movement in the United States Of America. It was when African American artists,musicians, and dancers came to express their feelings through cultural art and music. They also wanted to show what it was like to be an African American and used their art to fight descrimination.


The radio was an American Culture because everyone would listen to the same thing at the same time and talk about the same stuff, like baseball games and advertising and soap operas. Guglielmo Marconi was the inventor of the first radio (middle picture). And the first radio (far left picture).