Samantha, Amada

Steps of naturalization

  • 1st the Aliens that want to become an American citizen needs to sing a statement saying just that
  • They must live in the USA for at least 5 years and the aliens married to an American only wait 3 years
  • During the waiting period they take special classes to prepare for citizenship
  • If they are at least 18 years old and if they have lived in the state that they want to live in for at least 3 months then they can apply for citizenship
  • When applying for citizenship the immigrant must talk to the agency officials to see if they meet the requirements
  • The alien will also need to take a citizenship exam, and afterwards the agency must make a decision on weather they become a citizen or not
  • If they are excepted they have to attend a ceremony and pledge an oath of allegiance

Ways to lose your citizenship

  • Through denaturalization- through fraud, or deception throw the naturalization test
  • Expatriation- The simple way of losing citizenship, their citizenship expires or they give it up to live in a different country
  • punishment for a crime- federal crimes that involve in extreme disloyalty

Compare & Contrast

Illegal- They never applied for citizenship or refused pro mission, come to the USA in all different way, some enter as tempera visitors but never leave, other come over illegal by cross over our borders, some are ones with expired citizenship

legal- They apply for citizenship, they establish permeant residence in the USA, they can stay as long as they wish with out becoming a citizen, a nonresidence is someone who expects to stay in the USA for a short period of time, may hold jobs, own property, attend school, get other government services, pay taxes, entitled to legal protection, they can not vote in elections or runs for offices, can't serve in juries or work in most government jobs, and they must carry identification cards at all times