Chris Burke

Actor with Down Syndrome

Chris Burke

Played Corky in the hit TV show "Life Goes On".

Five Interesting Facts About Chris

  1. When he was born the doctors told my parents i was a mongoloid.
  2. He was diagnosed with down syndrome a few months later.
  3. Chris decided he wanted to be an actor at age 5.
  4. He play Corky on the hit TV show "Life Goes On".
  5. Chris was voted one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans for the year of 1991.

What you can learn by reading this persons story

You can do anything. If you try hard at it you can do it.

What made this person important enough to have a book written about him?

Chris Beat the odds. All of the doctors said he wouldn't be able to do anything, but he did.

Significant Quote

"I do feel like a star to my fans and they look up to me, and I feel like a role model to them."

Why Did I like this book?

It was very inspirational to kids with down syndrome and just regular kids.