Stephenie Meyer

BY:Ariella Zang

About the author.

Stephenie is a mother of three, lives in Arizona . She came out with her first book Twilight from a dream she had. She couldn’t get it out of her head so she wrote it down. The next you know it turns in to a series.Twilight was made Then another book,New Moon, came out in 2006.Also another in 2007 Eclipse.The next year The ending to the series BreakingDawn. It made $70 million in movie.


Summary: This book and movie Is about a girl who moves from Arizona to Washington. She gets curious about his boy and his family. She finds out more than she needs to known. She found out they were vampires and falls in love with him. Bad things start to happen. Edward and his family tries to save Bella from other vampires. Will they save her or will she die?????

New Moon

Summary: Bella Swan loses the most important thing in her life, Edward. She only sees him when she does something crazy. So she find bikes and has her friend Jacob Black fix them up So she can see Edward. Then Jacob gets sick and doesn’t talk to her for a while she starts to worry. What happens next???


Summary: Weird killings are starting to happen. She was to pick between her love for Edward or her friendship with Jacob. Vampire or werewolf?

Other books by Stephenie

Breaking Dawn

The Host

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