Six Empossiblay Thangs

Nicky Roy

The Mission...

In Bedggy's year 8 English class we're reading Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood. It's a book about a boy whose had a major change in his lifestyle and he needs and tries to get though his Six Impossible Things. My task is to do my own six impossible things and here they are:

1. Play for Collingwood!

Collingwood is my favorite AFL team. I would really like to play for them and help them win every premiership that I played in. Plus i've supported them for a while, so being one of the actual team players is something I want to achieve as I really like the players

2. Become a world famous Comedian

Making people laugh and seeing them smile is something that really makes me happy. Doing that for a job seems like the right thing for me

3. Be a worldwide famous musician

I always liked the cool electric beats and grooves, to make them and be famous for them would be something I would always cherish. I'd also like to play music with my three favourite electric/dance bands:

4. Make a lot of money by doing something I want

I want to have a good job or career that makes a lot of money actually doing something I want to. I want to work or do something as a job that I enjoy, something I'd like to do and that I'd keep on wanting to do for a long time
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5. Replicate a social life such as Hugh Hefner

To be as known and as accepted as Hugh Hefner is would be something I truly dream of. At 86 years old and still getting the ladies is what I'd want to have. A life like Hugh's is a life i'd really want :)

6. Be a good, respected person.

I want to go through life being as good and kind as I can, when I leave I want to be remembered for being a nice, respectful and kind guy. I want to take all the right choices in life and end up a noble and respected guy who people look up to.
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