comment pirater un compte facebook

pirater un compte facebook

Understand How you can Hack Facebook

Facebook has developed into 1 from the best social networking web page on earth . It really is a collecting spot, to attach with all your friends and along with your mates close friends. Facebook enables you to definitely make new connections who share a common desire, growing your individual network. Moreover, users can sign up for networks arranged by city, place of work, university, and region. Facebook is pretty great, but it's considerably from perfect. Greater than once, I've heard problems about a few of Facebook's technical features. Sadly, Facebook isn't open-sourced, so customers are unable to change anything themselves - or can they? By utilizing simple items of Javascript code, or by applying Firefox Greasemonkey userscripts, end users can change the looks and workings of Facebook themselves. Master how to hack Facebook accounts for fun, or tweak anything handy.

Believe me, it truly is all with your fingers. In advance of there are 2 things that you will need to do. The main issue will be to set up Firefox. After that put in Greasemonkey. Automatic Login : If you really feel lazy to form with your particular facts when, this may possibly be the tool that you can in search of. By setting up this it is possible to save up your time and energy & you might be logged in to your account/profile automatically! Account/Profile Colour customization : Really feel free to customize the colour that you just like & add it to your account/profile Facebook Account Javascript Hacks In these following hacks we'll be employing basic Javascript to toy around with Facebook. Note that we're not going to hack into Facebook accounts, or everything of your like. Most of these ‘hacks' are temporary and will disappear at the time you refresh the page.

They also won't be visible to consumers on other computers. So why are we doing it? - Because it's pleasurable! These Javascript snippets, which we'll supply below, simply really need to be pasted into the address bar. Hit enter, et voila! Changing Profile Colour This will alter the colour of your Facebook bar to a color of choice. Just paste the following code in your address bar and hit enter. It is possible to replace ‘red' with any color you want - black, white, green or even orrange. In case you want to reverse the effect, press Ctrl+F5 for a hard reload of your page View Chat History with Offline Pals Unfortunately, you cannot normally view the chat history of online buddies. If you're trying to remember some thing that was said, waiting for them to come back online is one hell of a bother. Instead, you could just use this - very helpful - Javascript hack. 1st of all, we ought to get your friend's Facebook ID.

When you visit his page indirectly (through your buddies list or through the use of the search engine), you'll be able to see it as a number while in the address bar. Other Javascript hacks The preceding two hacks are without doubt the most impressive or valuable ones. Below are several of the other tricks you'll be able to pull off by utilizing Javascript. We're not going to deep on this because they're all matters you are able to do manually as well. Transform chat status to invisible:

[removed]statusControl.sendVisibility(false); Adjust chat status to visible: [removed]statusControl.sendVisibility(true); Close all chat windows with person 1122334455: [removed]chatDisplay.tabs[1122334455].tabXOnClick(); Open up application tab: [removed]applicationDock.toggleTab(); Bring up notifications: [removed]presence.toggleTab('chat_status_control','chat_status_control_tab'); Bring up mates list: [removed]buddyList.toggleTab();

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